Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A side benefit of starting my tomato seeds early

A funny thing happened on the way to the garden.....by way of my tomato seedlings that is.

I started my seeds this year the last week in December in order to have larger plants for spring planting.  I had 50, then the great fall, then there were only ten.  9 still live.  We lost one last week to either hail or wind.  Not sure, but I digress.  About 2 months ago, I had 10 pretty large plants that needed a bigger pot and something to hold them up.  Being ever so clever, I thought "I know!  I'll use those branches from pruning my fruit trees!"(Weeks Before!).  Well I did.  Those branches have stayed with their companion tomato plant for a while now, even going with them to their spot in the garden until they could reach the fence on their own.  Last week we had a late cold snap and I needed to cover my plants.  While working on covering the little darlings, I noticed something on one of the "Stakes"....a bloom.  YEP!  A bloom.  I checked all of the stakes I used, four total, and they all have blooms and now leaves.  They are all apple.  You can see the bloom just to left of center in the picture.  I now have 4 new apple trees I can plant. It will be a while before they are even close to producing anything, but give me a few years and I could actually have apples!  Hah!  Who knew!

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