Friday, September 22, 2017

I've now moved!

I couldn't stay away from the blogging bug, and so I started a new blog.  Originally it dealt with healthy eating, and on a budget, but it wasn't too long before my frugal genes started buzzing and I started missing my roots.  Every post from this blog has been moved over there as well, so you won't miss anything.  Plus I have taken the time to label correctly every post, including my old posts from here, to make it easier to find anything in a topic.  Those topics are to the right on my new home page below my profile pic.  Another little addition is a Recipe section.  Any recipe I shared here can easily be found on my home page.  No searching for a recipe you had seen before.  Those have also been categorized; Main dishes, Desserts, Snack, etc.  Those are also found on the right of my home page above my profile pic.  Can't miss them.  I hope you'll come on over.   See you there!

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