Saturday, July 9, 2016

Can I tell you a story?

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved her daddy.  

Born the last of three girls and prior to two boys, one would think she would have been lost in the middle.  Such was not the case, and it never was the case.  In fact, so special was she to her daddy that he created a new name for her; a mis mash of her given name and her mothers name with "Jr" added for emphasis.  He was the greatest of all dads and she felt sorry for other children who didn't have her daddy as a father.  True or not it didn't matter.  In her heart it was true.   Her daddy was her champion,

Over the years there were rocky times, but good times too.  He taught her to play the Dulcimer and they would stay up playing duets together. Not just any dulcimer,  but one he made.  There were camping trips and Christmas days.  One such occasion was a time she was competing in a state wide talent show.  She so wanted him to come, but work had to take precedence.  Sadly she went without him.  As she walked out onto the stage of the Cobb County Civic Center to begin her song, with surprise her eyes caught him in the back standing just inside the doors.  He had traveled between jobs to be there just long enough to hear her song.  It is a memory cherished even today.  There were times she might have disappointed or didn't measure up, but you wouldn't know it by him.  He loved her.  Patiently instructed her.  Encouraged her, and smiled at her.  Hugs were always plentiful.  Lately he has seen her come into her own and reveled in her victories and losses.  This is truly the fairy tale.

Unfortunately this tale has to end.  The time is coming when they shall say goodbye ...for a while.  He goes on now.  He goes ahead to once more be able to one day  welcome her into a different world all over again.

I am that girl, and he is my daddy and my heart breaks.  It breaks for my  family, especially my mom. It breaks for me.  But I mourn as one who has hope.  Hope which tells me I will see my dad again.  Hope which tells me he is about to see my brother, sister, and his mom and dad, my grandparents.

On July 10 at 7:06 in the evening, surrounded by his children and his wife, my dad passed away.  He was larger than life, greatly loved, and will be sorely missed.  God speed Daddy.  Love you.

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