Friday, June 27, 2014

Ode to the Apron

I have aprons.  I have three that I made a few years ago and once in a blue moon I will wear it when I am baking something and can't dirty my clothes.  But it isn't a habit.  I don't wear it when I clean which I really should because I end up ruining my clothes.  Insert Duh moment here.  I never really think about it.  I am not used to it.  But I am believing that is changing. 

There is a great article written by a woman I admire, who is affectionately called "Miss Maggie".  She is formerly the Hillbilly Housewife, but now has a website called  While still The Hillbilly Housewife, she wrote an article called "Apron Evangelism".  You can read it here.  I went back and re-read this article because lately I have been using my aprons in my garden.  Handy things, aprons in gardens.  My aprons have pockets for pruning shears or other hand held gardening tools, my gloves, etc.  They cover my clothes while working so I don't end up with red mud stains on shirts that could still be presentable.  In addition, when I'm picking, I can take the skirt of the apron, tuck it under the waist tie of the apron and make an easily accessible picking basket that leaves me two hands free instead of having to carry a basket around with me.  Not to mention I just look so cute with my gloves, apron, and hat.  Or as my mom would say "Bordering on cute".

Due to its handiness in the garden I am thinking of the wild idea that it could be handy indoors as well.  What is so funny is that this realization is something women in general knew 50 years ago.  So now my aprons hang in my kitchen readily accessible for the next project,  The plan is to get into the habit of using them more often.  Try it yourself!  Who knows you might like it.!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


We have 10 new baby chicks. 

They started hatching 2 days ago.  Just had the last one hatch in the last hour.  The mama hen sat on her nest and managed to get 9 of them hatched, but then she left her nest yesterday afternoon.  Fortunately I had the presence of mind to plug in the incubator yesterday morning "Just in case".  I am glad I did.  I got home from work yesterday afternoon and went to check on the babies.  She left the nest as I went out to check on them.  Because I was there when she decided to leave, I was able to grab up the remaining 6 eggs and immediately put them in the incubator.  When we got home from church last night we could hear a "chirp, chirp" coming from the incubator,  but no eggs hatched yet.  I was a little concerned this morning because the temperature in the incubator had fallen a few degrees and I didn't hear any chirps.  I adjusted the temp and have been watching it like a hawk (not a chicken hawk).  After a bit I hear chirping again and then notice a small hole in one of the eggs.  This egg is rocking back and forth too.  Einstein and I were able to watch as the little one hatched and made it into the big world.  It looks to be a solid golden color.  Very pretty.  Needs to be a girl to be that pretty. 
Not a great picture yet.  He is drying out still, but he is on the right.  Hard to see cause he is about the same color as the eggs.  He keeps looking up at me like "little help?".  Meanwhile I don't need to worry about turning the other eggs in the incubator cause he seems to be herding them around the place.  We will see over the next week if anymore hatch, but 10 out of 15 aint to shabby. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mountain Vally Farms

Dh and I are on a little mini vacation, just the two of us.  Of course when you are an "I love all things garden, farm animal, pioneering", where else is there for you to go but a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains. We got all things gardening caught up as much as we could and took off for the hills on Thursday.  Now when we go back today it will be time to address the garden again.  The beans cucumbers, and squash are coming in.  I have made 9 pints of beans, 3 quarts of squash (frozen) and 8 quarts pickles so far.  I know when we get home it will be time to start harvesting Blueberries(YAY).  In addition to that we should have (hopefully) some baby chicks hatching in the next couple of days.  So needless to say we will be busy picking, canning, hatching, and all other things farm related in the next few days, but for the last few days we have just enjoyed the wonderful mountains of Ellijay Ga.  The visions of the surrounding mountains has been worth the trip in and of itself, but during this time we have seen some other nice things such as Antique shops, The Tabor House and Civil War Museum, and a wonderful restaurant called Cider Ridge (Good food and service I must say).  But the one thing that has been the most unique and fun is Mountain Valley Farms.

This is Miss Sam.  Hi Sam!  She is pretty much indicative of the Farm.  Loves the animals, very friendly.  She let me take her picture.  She is just a constant smiling presence. 

 It is a wonderful farm where not only can you go get free range meat, eggs, raw milk (For pet consumption of course), etc, but adjacent to the store are the "Babies".

 Rabbits pretty much go where they want throughout the farm.  They are all over and in every color.

 Then there are the new calves, goats, and pigs in some pretty nice digs.  These are spoiled little babies that will come up to the fence and, like a dog, will want you to pet them as long as you are willing to.

There is also this very friendly horse, but I didn't catch her name.  But she just loves to be loved on.

This little goat was very happy to get some lovin, but the white one on the roof was more focused on the branches above him,  Every time the wind blew, the branches above him would lower and he would try to reach them.  No luck for him by the time we left.

There was a milking cow you could pet.  Her name is Tanya, but we forgot to get a picture of her.  Sam informed us the milking cows are named for the female workers on the farm.  She told us there is a "Sam" somewhere around there.
The farm store itself is small but cute as a button.  Mountain Valley sells their meat, eggs, and milk, but for other things they have partnered out with other local farms.  We picked out a jar of vegetable relish and two types of cheese; smoked cheddar, and Italian pesto.  Both of which were unique and GOOD!  Should be for $11lb (Gulp), but we were on vacation.  It was in our vacation budget.  Good stuff.
So guys if you are ever in Ellijay Ga, head up that way.  Ellijay is real big for apples so go in Sept when the apple festivities are going on, or you can do like us and get a cabin in the mountains in the summer and enjoy all the green!  Whenever you go, travel by Mountain Valley Farms.  The kids and adults will love it!
So now I am off to get coffee, pack up and head home to start my own farming stuff again.  Have a great day.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Yes my dad looks like this at just about all family functions.  Love you Daddy!

And to my Knight in Shining Armor, Happy Fathers day!  I love you!