Thursday, June 26, 2014


We have 10 new baby chicks. 

They started hatching 2 days ago.  Just had the last one hatch in the last hour.  The mama hen sat on her nest and managed to get 9 of them hatched, but then she left her nest yesterday afternoon.  Fortunately I had the presence of mind to plug in the incubator yesterday morning "Just in case".  I am glad I did.  I got home from work yesterday afternoon and went to check on the babies.  She left the nest as I went out to check on them.  Because I was there when she decided to leave, I was able to grab up the remaining 6 eggs and immediately put them in the incubator.  When we got home from church last night we could hear a "chirp, chirp" coming from the incubator,  but no eggs hatched yet.  I was a little concerned this morning because the temperature in the incubator had fallen a few degrees and I didn't hear any chirps.  I adjusted the temp and have been watching it like a hawk (not a chicken hawk).  After a bit I hear chirping again and then notice a small hole in one of the eggs.  This egg is rocking back and forth too.  Einstein and I were able to watch as the little one hatched and made it into the big world.  It looks to be a solid golden color.  Very pretty.  Needs to be a girl to be that pretty. 
Not a great picture yet.  He is drying out still, but he is on the right.  Hard to see cause he is about the same color as the eggs.  He keeps looking up at me like "little help?".  Meanwhile I don't need to worry about turning the other eggs in the incubator cause he seems to be herding them around the place.  We will see over the next week if anymore hatch, but 10 out of 15 aint to shabby. 

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