Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wow! Guys I am sorry I have been away so long

But lets face it, I only have 4 followers and they are friends and family so I am thinking everyone is for the most part up to date.  Spring is threatening to spring in my neck of the woods so my blueberry bushes and my peach trees are wanting to bloom.  At least close to it.  Not sure what to do about that.  I am covering my blueberry bushes if necessary, but my peach tree maybe out in the cold.  I did prune my peach tree yesterday.  The other is still little and so not really needing a pruning. I also pruned my blackberry bushes.  I had a lot of the vines take root, so have extra plants to give people that want them.  I guess I should offer to sell some of them.  Not sure what I am gonna do.  Anyway, I need to put some lime and fertilizer around my fruit trees and also begin spraying them.  I also want to start my seeds.  I am looking forward to spring when I can plant and see things turn green and lush.  Then around July I am questioning how nuts I have to be to have had a garden.  (smile).  But during the winter it is nice to just open a jar of something I grew(well God grew it...I just baby sat, but I am a good sitter!) and know I provided something for my family, reduced my grocery budget, and for all you environmental peeps, keep cans etc from going into a landfill.  There are many advantages to growing your own.
I was blessed to find out that Aldi had carrots on sale a week ago for .30lb, and onions for .23 lb.  I haven't seen those prices in ... well ever!  My Dh went to the store for me and bought 40lbs of carrots and 48 lbs of onions.  I have the carrots canned.  I ended up with 14 quarts of whole carrots (about 3-4 in each) and 32 pints of sliced carrots
Aren't carrots pretty in the jars.  The cost for a pint of carrots is .38 all things included.  That is .17 cents cheaper than Aldi's canned carrots and I know what is in these.  I didn't figure the cost for the quarts. I have also been putting up onions between crying jags.  LOL.  Seriously though, if you are needing to chop a large number of onions.  Use a food processor, chop them up, then take the lid off and walk away.  This will give the gases the onions give off, time to dissipate.  So far I have 4 gallon bags in the freezer and still have another 21 lbs of onions to fix.

My wonderful father (just in case you eves drop in here Dad...I love you), sent me some plans to build my own greenhouse and , time permitting, I am going to try and get something together soon even if it is small.  I will hopefully have the presence of mind to take pictures during the process.
So, for now that is my update until I have more to share.  I am trying to get one here regularly, but am getting a little behind so bear with me.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

OK, it's January now.

Yep, it is in the low 20's with a wind chill of 13.  Now up north it might not be impressive, but down here in the south that is cold!  So instead of going to the YMCA this morning, we are going in the afternoon.  Since we are doing that, once I am done here I will be going to get some house stuff accomplished.  I am happy that I have been able to get some sewing done.  I finished 2 pairs of pajamas for myself.  They are more for spring and summer, but they are done.  I tried this new thing with the elastic waist that my sister told me about.  You sew the elastic on the top side of the waist band, stretching it as you go.  Then you fold it over and sew down the bottom.  I tell you it beats the treading elastic and trying to tack it down to keep it from rolling.  I also almost finished a little doll outfit, but it isn't my best work so I wont be selling it.  I will be using it on my own dolls.  It is a cute little white diaper shirt with tiny red roses and has a matching bonnet and booties.  I will use it as a summer outfit for one of my dolls.  I already have the doll in mind.  She is my doll in the pink winter coat.
This coat and hat were made by my grandmother 30 years ago; for this doll.  My grandmother made an entire wardrobe for this doll and one other "tender love" doll.  I had pajamas, blankets, dresses, rompers, diapers, shoes, even a bath robe.  Now the doll you see is wearing that coats and hat, but the pantsuit outfit was made by me.  Both dolls are 40 years old.  Made in 1972.  The bottom pic is my other doll.  Her outfit is also made by me.

 I probably won't get any more sewing done this week, but it was nice to get some done.  Basically I am running through current projects to get them completed before I move on to other things.  I have two pot holders and one baby t shirt to finish.  I have some doll coats and hats to make, but I am still looking for the right flannel to line them with in order to make them warm.  Yes I know dolls don't feel cold, but my goal is to have doll clothes that could double as premmie clothes.
So now that I have bored everyone with dolls and sewing stuff, I will shove off and get some work done.  You guys have a great day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well you would never think it was Jan 10th. Humph!

So I have to say in our neck of the woods we have had a very mild winter.  That is all fine and good, but now it makes me want to plant even more than normal!  Next week I do get to plant my snow peas.  I am hoping they do well this year.  I swear I could eat them (and do) straight off the plant.  My other concern is that my blueberry bushes will bloom early and then get zapped by a hard freeze.  That is not good.  So I am making plans for a sort of mini green house that I can put together with PVC pipe.  I won't glue the pieces because I want to be able to take it apart for storage.  Anyway, this will, hopefully, be like a lean too green house in that is will lean against the house covering my blueberry bushes, but using the opened crawlspace door to help heat inside the greenhouse.  It is hard to explain.  I am hoping we have good enough weather to go outside and take measurements by the end of the week.  I am also hopeful I can use this green house for my seedling which I am wanting to start this week.  I am really hopeful ya think?  Anyway, once I start to put it together I will include pics so I can post them here.
Other than all of the gardening stuff I am needing to get back in the swing of things house cleaning wise.  I want to get everything put back together so I can get back to sewing.  I have a stack of little doll clothes I am dying to put together.  It isn't too bad, but I do want the house neater.  I guess I should be doing that as opposed to blogging.  Hmmm.  Well I do need to go anyway.  Once I have the greenhouse done I will post and then I can say I at least contributed something for your reading my blog.  So guys have a great day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New year everyone! On to 2012

So I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I am sorry I have been so absent, but finally things are back to normal here and I can stick my head out to say "hi".  HI.  We celebrated our Christmas day on the 26th and you know once I told myself our Christmas day was on the 26th, I got in the mindset of it being that day.  In other words nothing was missing from our Christmas celebration.  On our Christmas eve we all got in our jammies (the boys in their "new" ones I made them, and watched "A Christmas Story" while munching on goodies.  We had all the traditions we would normally have on Christmas eve.  My youngest son(16) joked about whether I had told Santa we were celebrating the day after, and I said I did and Santa was making a special trip just for us.  smile.   Christmas morning was the same. Just a day later.  After our celebrations it was time to pack and head to Florida to see my husbands family.  We left Tuesday evening and, breaking the trip into two days, we arrived Wednesday afternoon. We had a nice visit with family, and our stay was at the Hyatt downtown across from TRUMP TOWERS!  Boy we were out of our comfort zone.  I have to say valet parking is nice except for the fact that my sons packed all of their video games in walmart bags and wrapped their gaming system in a towel. I am sure the poor valet was thinking "why are these people bringing their own towels?  Oh well they're from Ga no biggie.  He was very nice though.  I have to say we couldn't have stayed here except for the fact the my in laws gave us the hotel stay as a Christmas gift. We took the trip home in one day.  Yep a 12 hour trip, but my hubby got home in 11hours.  He went 75 the whole time.  Needless to say traffic was great.  We got home on Saturday evening and spent Sun and Mon recuperating.
So today starts school again.  Rubic in homeschool and Einstein in public school.  I really need to get my house in order.  I have the decorations put away, but my house is a mess.  Just about the time I get everything arranged it will be time to start thinking gardening.  I am considering building a mini green house in my back yard with pvc pipe, and having it up against the back of the house.  The door to my crawlspace will be opened inside the greenhouse to allow heat from under the house to help keep it warm.  I will take pics as I go and post them here for those interested.  However it is currently about 25 degrees outside and a high only about 48 today.  Friday I am hopeful to get to take measurements.  They are saying this will be a warmer dryer winter than normal for us.  The warmer is good, the dryer not so much.  What I need is a gutter system on my house with rain barrels at the end.  Anyway, I am letting my mind wander.  One thing I do have it my trusty little hose converter that will convert the drain pipe of a washing machine to fit a garden hose.  That way I can use my grey water if we get into a bad drought situation.  If you are in a like situation, and you can use "grey water" to water you garden, go to your local hardware store (I would go small town not Lowes because they actually know what they are doing) and tell them what you want.  They should be able to put something together for you.  That is how I did it.  It cost me about 3 bucks.  Anyway, that is about it for now.  How  is everyone else doing?