Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wow! Guys I am sorry I have been away so long

But lets face it, I only have 4 followers and they are friends and family so I am thinking everyone is for the most part up to date.  Spring is threatening to spring in my neck of the woods so my blueberry bushes and my peach trees are wanting to bloom.  At least close to it.  Not sure what to do about that.  I am covering my blueberry bushes if necessary, but my peach tree maybe out in the cold.  I did prune my peach tree yesterday.  The other is still little and so not really needing a pruning. I also pruned my blackberry bushes.  I had a lot of the vines take root, so have extra plants to give people that want them.  I guess I should offer to sell some of them.  Not sure what I am gonna do.  Anyway, I need to put some lime and fertilizer around my fruit trees and also begin spraying them.  I also want to start my seeds.  I am looking forward to spring when I can plant and see things turn green and lush.  Then around July I am questioning how nuts I have to be to have had a garden.  (smile).  But during the winter it is nice to just open a jar of something I grew(well God grew it...I just baby sat, but I am a good sitter!) and know I provided something for my family, reduced my grocery budget, and for all you environmental peeps, keep cans etc from going into a landfill.  There are many advantages to growing your own.
I was blessed to find out that Aldi had carrots on sale a week ago for .30lb, and onions for .23 lb.  I haven't seen those prices in ... well ever!  My Dh went to the store for me and bought 40lbs of carrots and 48 lbs of onions.  I have the carrots canned.  I ended up with 14 quarts of whole carrots (about 3-4 in each) and 32 pints of sliced carrots
Aren't carrots pretty in the jars.  The cost for a pint of carrots is .38 all things included.  That is .17 cents cheaper than Aldi's canned carrots and I know what is in these.  I didn't figure the cost for the quarts. I have also been putting up onions between crying jags.  LOL.  Seriously though, if you are needing to chop a large number of onions.  Use a food processor, chop them up, then take the lid off and walk away.  This will give the gases the onions give off, time to dissipate.  So far I have 4 gallon bags in the freezer and still have another 21 lbs of onions to fix.

My wonderful father (just in case you eves drop in here Dad...I love you), sent me some plans to build my own greenhouse and , time permitting, I am going to try and get something together soon even if it is small.  I will hopefully have the presence of mind to take pictures during the process.
So, for now that is my update until I have more to share.  I am trying to get one here regularly, but am getting a little behind so bear with me.  Hope everyone has a great day!

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