Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New year everyone! On to 2012

So I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I am sorry I have been so absent, but finally things are back to normal here and I can stick my head out to say "hi".  HI.  We celebrated our Christmas day on the 26th and you know once I told myself our Christmas day was on the 26th, I got in the mindset of it being that day.  In other words nothing was missing from our Christmas celebration.  On our Christmas eve we all got in our jammies (the boys in their "new" ones I made them, and watched "A Christmas Story" while munching on goodies.  We had all the traditions we would normally have on Christmas eve.  My youngest son(16) joked about whether I had told Santa we were celebrating the day after, and I said I did and Santa was making a special trip just for us.  smile.   Christmas morning was the same. Just a day later.  After our celebrations it was time to pack and head to Florida to see my husbands family.  We left Tuesday evening and, breaking the trip into two days, we arrived Wednesday afternoon. We had a nice visit with family, and our stay was at the Hyatt downtown across from TRUMP TOWERS!  Boy we were out of our comfort zone.  I have to say valet parking is nice except for the fact that my sons packed all of their video games in walmart bags and wrapped their gaming system in a towel. I am sure the poor valet was thinking "why are these people bringing their own towels?  Oh well they're from Ga no biggie.  He was very nice though.  I have to say we couldn't have stayed here except for the fact the my in laws gave us the hotel stay as a Christmas gift. We took the trip home in one day.  Yep a 12 hour trip, but my hubby got home in 11hours.  He went 75 the whole time.  Needless to say traffic was great.  We got home on Saturday evening and spent Sun and Mon recuperating.
So today starts school again.  Rubic in homeschool and Einstein in public school.  I really need to get my house in order.  I have the decorations put away, but my house is a mess.  Just about the time I get everything arranged it will be time to start thinking gardening.  I am considering building a mini green house in my back yard with pvc pipe, and having it up against the back of the house.  The door to my crawlspace will be opened inside the greenhouse to allow heat from under the house to help keep it warm.  I will take pics as I go and post them here for those interested.  However it is currently about 25 degrees outside and a high only about 48 today.  Friday I am hopeful to get to take measurements.  They are saying this will be a warmer dryer winter than normal for us.  The warmer is good, the dryer not so much.  What I need is a gutter system on my house with rain barrels at the end.  Anyway, I am letting my mind wander.  One thing I do have it my trusty little hose converter that will convert the drain pipe of a washing machine to fit a garden hose.  That way I can use my grey water if we get into a bad drought situation.  If you are in a like situation, and you can use "grey water" to water you garden, go to your local hardware store (I would go small town not Lowes because they actually know what they are doing) and tell them what you want.  They should be able to put something together for you.  That is how I did it.  It cost me about 3 bucks.  Anyway, that is about it for now.  How  is everyone else doing?

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