Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A little early but "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

This will probably be my only post until after the new year.  With Christmas preps, planning a trip to Florida the next day, and my DH's birthday today, I am going to be a little crazy.  I am looking forward to the other side of the holidays.  Ya know how you can get kind of a food hangover?  Well I am there.  Should be really easy to go back to eating healthy for a while.
Speaking of eating healthy.  Anyone else looking forward to the spring planting time?  As soon as we are home I will be getting the stuff to make a mini green house/hot bed so I can start my seeds early.  My house isn't really made for good direct sunlight so my seedlings tend to be tall and weak.  SO!  I am putting together a mini greenhouse outside.  I am hopeful this will be a good investment.  Here's hoping.  Anyway, I am looking forward to getting some cool weather crops in the ground in Jan and Feb.
I did finally finish the gifts for my grandson and the Pj's for my boys.  I thought I would share some pics with you. These below are the PJ's I made for my grandson.

The next picture is of the curtains and pillows I made for his bed.  

Now Christmas at our house isn't complete without our cat, Nermal, chillin out under the Christmas tree.
I also made my grandson a little camo outfit and a superman cape, but didn't get a chance to get a pic before I had them wrapped.  maybe I can get a pic Christmas day.  I will also have a pic of my sons PJs when I post pics from our Christmas day.  Well, I hope everyone has a great holiday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

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