Monday, December 5, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Last Monday I finally got all of my Christmas decorations up and running.  I couldn't get my photos to load onto my computer last week, so, being somewhat late, here they finally are.  This first pic is of our den or I should say DH's "man cave".  This is where we will more than likely open gifts Christmas morning, or should I say our observed Christmas morning.  I have to work both Christmas eve and Christmas day, so we are having ours on the 26th.

Next in line is our living room aka "quiet room".  By quiet I mean it is a room in the house with no TV or video games.  It is an area where you can go to read or visit with someone who has come over, etc.  This is my favorite room in the house. It is "my room" so to speak.

A few years my Mother in law's cousin passed away from pancreatic cancer.  This is the same woman who's Shirley Temple dolls I inherited.  Well, I was also given this nativity scene.  If you will notice Baby Jesus isn't in the manger.  I adopted this tradition from my Mother in law from the first year I met her.  Her tradition is to put baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas eve because he wasn't born until then.  So each Christmas eve the youngest child in the house puts the baby Jesus in his manger.  Now my boys are 16 and 18.  Last year my grandson was here and he did it, but this year both of my boys will have a nativity and so both will place a baby Jesus.  

Okay this is just for Christmas kicks.  This is my Wolly.  He is a beagle/Basset mix.  Don't you think he is sweet?

So anyway, our plan for Christmas is to celebrate on the 26th and then take off to Florida on the 27th to see  my husbands family.  We will come back probably on New years eve.  Then hopefully things will go back to normal.  Well for a bit anyway until it is time once again to start up my garden!  So everyone have a great day and do something festive!

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