Monday, April 23, 2012


Once a few years ago, I was called on by a co-worker who outranked me just a bit, to work extra.  My husband had told me before that he didn't mind my working in the mornings or late at night, but the 12-8pm time slot was hard for him because he had to come home from work and rather than relax and spend time with the kids, he had to hit the ground running cooking dinner, getting homework, etc.  So when this co worker asked me to work that 12-8pm shift, I told her I could work another one but that my husband didn't want me working those hours.  Her response to me "do you always do what he says?".  This response amazed me because this, to me, didn't feel like being submissive or "under his thumb" so to speak, but instead felt like I was being considerate of his feelings.  This is something every marriage should have.
There are a lot of articles and sermons written on the old "wives be submissive to your husbands" text in scripture(Eph 5 vs 22-24).  I have read both pros and cons.  Today I found a similar sounding scripture but dealing with different people entirely and it put things into perspective for me.  1Peter 5 vs 5 "Young men, in the same way be submissive to those who are older.  All of you clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because "" God opposed the proud but gives grace to the humble"".  We are to each, whether male or female, old or young, fat/skinny, educated/non educated, etc, treat each other with respect, consideration.  An older person has wisdom a younger person may not have, yet a younger person can assist an older person in a physical task they can no longer complete.  We each bring to the body of Christ certain talents and abilities.
My husband and I took part in a Daniel Fast this past January.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a fast consisting of only fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts/legumes.  No meat, sugars, dairy.  We went to a book store to find a cook book for recipes for the fast.  We found  one that had both recipes and devotions for during the fast.  Without even planning to, we each went to what I believe we were created to take care of.  I was looking at the recipes and planning menus and such and my husband automatically went to the devotions.  As the spiritual head of the house his was as it should be.  We each have strengths and weaknesses and I believe God has put us together to help each other become the best we can. God's plan is so much better than the plan we would have on our own.  He knows what we need.  I have no qualms about being a help meet to my husband.  My submission to him isn't because he is stronger or smarter than I am .  It is a conscious decision to respect him and be considerate of him.  He in turn "loves me as Christ loves the church".  We are a team, and yes the final say is his.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring is finally here! Ironic we had to have summer first.

Yes we have finally gotten some sure nuf spring weather.  Highs in the upper 60's and 70's, clear blue sky, and nice breezes to strong winds.  We went from a mild winter to a mild summer in a matter of days where temps were actually pushing the upper upper 80's for a bit.  I was afraid I would lose some of my cool weather crops, but, with temps dropping into the thirties tonight I am now worried I might have to try and save my tomatoes.
Other than weather, things are going well here on my little homestead.  I have baby peaches and so far have been able to spray on schedule.  I have blooms on the snow peas, and a few on my tomato plants.  I have actually harvested a little spinach and a little lettuce from the garden.
When I first started all of my outside tasks I didn't think I would ever see it come together, but things are beginning to take shape, and i'm thinking i'm in the wrap up stage of some of my projects.  That's good.  I'm hopeful i'll have a lull in the "fun"  for a bit between these projects, and the beginning of harvest time.  That's where things get nuts!  This year i'm thinking of doing my canning outside on my grill burner using a propane tank.  If it's good enough for my mom then it's good enough for me(smile).  I have memories of my mom making jelly on a Coleman stove as we camped out.  We were camping because our house wasn't dried in yet and so we camped I think for about 6 weeks while the house was dried in. We then lived in the house while it was worked on (mostly by my parents).  I was 10 years old then.  Good times, but my parents tell me they shake their heads now and say it must have been two other people that did that.  Anyway, I digress.  The reason i'm planning on canning outside is to cut back on power usage. A) propane is cheaper right now, burns hotter, and B) it won't heat up the house which causes the AC to run ALOT to cool things off.  I'm going to begin my morning by placing my pressure canner and my water bath canner outside with the water already in it to get it heated some before I begin the process of canning.  I believe this will work mainly because we have some seriously hot summers(temps in the 90's and poss 100's).  I figure the water will be in pretty good shape by the time I get started so it shouldn't take long to get it heated up on the stove.  This is an experiment I am willing to try.  If it doesn't work I can fall back to the "normal" way of doing things, but i'm not out anything if I try it.  Oh and for those of you that are thinking "what about bugs or debris?". I'm going to have it covered so no worries on that account.  The fact remains I don't want to heat up the house.
Well I need to get started on my day.  I'm in the kitchen today making this weeks bread, cleaning out the fridge, and my pantry.  So you  guys have a great day.