Thursday, June 23, 2016

I do have an Achilles...

Yep.  I am not the strong dieting force one would have you believe.  I have faced down coffee cake, cookies. Chic Fila Fries, etc without blinking.  Yet here I am thwarted by.....Sams Club cakes.  Hey but they're good!  We ordered a cake for our Father's day family get together, and for Einstein's graduation (ahem with honors).  The Get together and party were on the same day.  We ended up bringing home almost 1 1/2 cakes; one vanilla with whipped frosting and the other chocolate with chocolate frosting.  Both are calling my name.  What's a girl to do!!!!!!


Just kidding.  Well not entirely.  I am having cake.  I'll probably not lose weight this week.  I've accepted that.  I was probably not going to anyway.  DH is on vacation, Fathers/Graduation Day celebrations, taking Einstein out to lunch in honor of his accomplishments (ahem with honors), and a camping trip scheduled for this weekend.  Talk about running the gauntlet.  So this is one of those times where I say SCREW IT!  I'm trying (so far successfully) to pace myself.  I'm still trying to count as much as I can and not go over too much   I'm also trying to make sure I'm being active.   I've already resigned myself to whatever the scale says on Monday.  I can say Screw it because whatever isn't eaten by my two sons and their friends this weekend, will be thrown out!  There shouldn't be anything left (I hope).  Monday's weigh in will be my resume day.  This is just one of those times when you break a bit.  I'm sure Christmas will be another.  It's called life.  I would rather have the cake and eat it too.  Haha.  I would rather have the cake when I want it than after I have eaten everything else trying to not eat the cake only to then eat the cake.  Know what I mean?  So that is how I plan.

So this post isn't a total loss.  Here is Einstein's Graduation cake!

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