Sunday, June 12, 2016

WOOPS! Almost got by me

I just now realized that it is Saturday and I haven't posted!  For Shame!  But never fear!  I can't resist the urge to drone on and on so since you're here anyway, go ahead and read!

HOT!  Real Hot!  Today.  Our first in the 90's technically.  Never being one to let a little heat stroke stand in the way of good eats, I went outside.  In the morning that is.  You know I'm not crazy regardless of what you hear.  The garden is in full swing and we were out there with it.  Today's haul consisted of 3 lbs blue berries, probably 7 ish lbs of green beans (in the canner as we speak) and 6 squash.  I trade a few squash to a neighbor who offered us some plums from his plum tree.  Small little things, but good and sweet.  I washed a bunch of them and put them in the fridge for fresh eating and then cooked some to make......something, I know not what yet.  While out roast...uh basking in the sun, we decided to once again let our oldest chickens out to forage.  This allowed me to get into the run and turn under the sand in there.  They had it packed pretty good.  For the most part the chickens stayed near the compost pile, but we did have to shoo them away from blueberries and the garden a bit.  One time we found them over by the tree line of the woods behind our house.  We shooed them away from there and back toward the house.  Garris, our rooster, was not being told what to do and he and DH had a meeting of the minds.  Uh Dh won.  Aside from that they enjoyed the day and so did we.

Dh was gone to take Rubic to work when I got done and ready to go in and get a shower.  I didn't want to go in without the chickens safely back in the run.  So I took some stale bread and made a trail.  Like Hansel and Gretel, they followed the trail right back into the run.  I was amazed at how easy it was.  Once in the run they loved what I did with the place.

My day was not complete once finished outside.  All of this bounty means indoor stuff too.  Like I said before my canner is full with the first load of today's harvest and I am pretty sure I have a least one more load before my head will lay down to rest.  The blueberries were easy; washed and frozen.  The squash, what wasn't traded, was eaten with dinner."

On the " not gardening" front.  I am getting a new solar dryer!  That's right a top of the line solar dryer.  I sound like Miss Thing don't I.  Hey I'm hip.  I'm happening.  No.  Not the latest Maytag offer.  I am putting another clothesline up.  This was on my list of things to do once I came home from my away from home work back in September, but I haven't been able to get around to it.  Now it's 90+ degree weather and we are having to turn the AC on.  Time to take care of business.  Having a clothesline will not just help with the power bill in the obvious way, but it will also help with keeping the house temp down, which in turn helps with the power bill..  At least as far as the thermostat is concerned.  Yea.  When they built this house they had the crazy notion of putting the thermostat in the laundry room with the dryer and the smoke alarm in the  kitchen.  If I ever have to turn the heat up on my oven, the alarm goes off.  We joke that it is our dinner bell.  Anyway, I digress.  Hanging clothes to dry also extends the life of the clothes.  So many benefits to a clothesline.  I will post the pic once I get it done.

So there you have it.  The goings on at the homestead.  What's up on your homestead?

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