Thursday, June 2, 2016

Well Yay and Verily!

Might I say in the paraphrased words of Shakespeare "Get thee to a garden!"(she said, Munching on frozen bananas ((I know that has nothing to do with gardening, but I just came in from there and it's hot!)).  I know there are people that can't have a garden for whatever reason, but I can't understand those that can have a garden, not have a garden.  Boggles my mind.  There are so many reasons to garden.  The obvious that comes to mind is taste, but the list goes on and on.

1)  Veggies from the garden last much longer in your fridge than store bought.  Many store bought fruits and veggies are shipped in and are old..ahem...close to expiration when they arrive.  Yes this includes organic and "local" which can still be a state away.  That is why your lettuce seems to wilt before you can use it all.  Because you pick out of your garden, you have the weeks normally given to the shipping companies.  Speaking of companies...

2)  Want to stick it to "the man"?  Imagine how you will feel walking by the produce or the canned veggie aisle with the smug satisfaction of knowing you already have it at home and don't need to buy second grade at the store.  Not only that, but you know what went into producing that veggie.  You know there are no funny pesticides or chemical sprays added.  You know it was picked when ripe and not picked early and sprayed to make it ripen.

3)  Want that swim suit figure?  Need to vent your frustration because of something at work or a relationship?  A raised bed and/or gardening tools are much cheaper than therapy or a gym membership.  Not to mention cheaper than an attorney or bail money.   Nothin says physicality like using an old fashioned shovel or cultivator.  Speaking of saving money....

4)  When you get your produce from the store, not only are you buying second grade produce, but you are paying more for it!  I can take 1 oz of seeds costing maybe $1,and get pounds and pounds of food in return.  Granted I have to care for them, water them, pick the food, etc, but that just falls into my physical activity point.

5)  Side benefit most people don't think of....Would you like a break from your little darlings?  While kids will follow you anywhere in the house, including the bathroom, to get your attention; ironically they won't follow you to the garden.  Amazing how that happens.

You don't need all the latest gizmos to start a garden.  You don't have to have a huge garden.  Start out with a couple of tomato plants and see how you feel.  All you need is a shovel, some dirt to plant in , and the seeds/plants.  Your arms will do the rest.  It isn't complicated.  In fact it's very simple.  So try it...You'll like it!

As an aside, I just came in from picking these in The garden:

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