Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I DID IT!!!!!!! (pics)

Feeling pretty proud of myself right now.  May I introduce you to  my new solar dryer!  Built by little ole me!!!!  I did have some help.  Shout out to Justin who helped me know how to best string the line so I wouldn't screw up the posts.  Also a thank you to Rubic for helping me with the tightening of the line, Einstein for hauling the 4x4s to the back yard for me, and Dh for picking everything up I needed.  Not everything was purchased though.  The 2x8 cross boards were already here (scrap wood) and cut to a size I could use (yay).  Also the cement, bolts, and line were all here being used in some capacity or in storage.  We purchased the Heavy duty eye hooks and the 4x4s.  All in all this cost less than $30 to build.  It would have cost more had I had to buy everything, but would still have been less than the cost of buying a pre-made clothesline.  Plus I believe this is better made than the store bought.

Excuse the tent, we are going camping next weekends and so we have it up airing out.  In all fairness it was there first before the clothesline.  I figure they can share for now.  I took the last pic to prove to you this line does hold clothes!  Even jeans!  There are a few of the lines I need to tighten some, and I need more clothes pins.  It has been a while since my last clothesline and I am running low.  On my list, and, no I am not going to make them myself.  I do draw the line somewhere.

So now we see how well this affects my power bill.  This line runs parallel to the end of my garden if you need to get an idea of where it is relative to the rest of my back yard.  It is about 8-10 feet away from my first concrete bed.

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