Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It is that time of year!

Yesterday we had a cold rain/snow mix all day just about.  That kind of wet cold that just sinks into your bones.  Fortunately I had no where to go and so stayed put and finished decorating my house for Christmas.  Last night I put on some Christmas music (the old fashioned Perry Como stuff), and Christmas lights while I made beef stew and biscuits in the kitchen for dinner.  I was also able to finish the pajama pants for my grandson.  I have a long list of projects to complete and Dh asked me last night if I could make him some scrubs for work.  Hmmm I am thinking another Christmas gift for him.  Hopefully it is doable.  I needed some interfacing, super glue and navy blue thread to finish up some projects I currently have in the works.  So yours truly got up this morning and drove to Walmart at 4 am to get these items so I wouldn't have to go out today.  Now I am home and wanting coffee and sleep.  UGH!  sleep sleep.  Oh well maybe a nap later.  I have to get busy with sewing.  Can't put it off anymore.  I am slowly but surely getting Christmas gifts either bought or made.  I have my Dad and my sister taken care of.  MY grandson, and my children are still in progress as is my Dh.  I am still trying to figure out something for my mom.   On the list today is sewing and basic house up keep. I am trying to keep everything nice each day so I don't have to do these mammoth cleans.  Plus upkeep is quick and leaves more time for sewing.  So without further ado I need to get busy for the day or I am going to crawl back into bed and go to sleep.  See you guys later.

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