Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 and more pics

So did everyone have a great Thanksgiving?  Did you eat too much?  We had an adventure.  Diva and her DH were moving the day before and couldn't get the power and water switched in time due to the holiday.  A problem  for them I know.  They have been coming to our house for showers, bottles of water, and laundry.  In addition to that their car broke down that evening.  Needless to say they were both in a dither and exhausted that night.  Still we managed to work things out the next day where they were able to come see everyone for Thanksgiving.  They were both more optimistic Thanksgiving day after some much needed sleep.   I did go to my moms and help cook and prepare for Thanksgiving day along with my sister.  I snapped quite a few pics.  You will notice many of my pics have my dad in them.  Many times at family get togethers my dad is on the other side of the camera and so not in many pictures.  My mom requested I get some of daddy this year.  This pic is of my parents.  They have been married for 53 years.  She was 18 when they married and he 19.  He entered the military the year before they married I believe.
You will find my dad 99% of the time in his office on the computer.  He is always sending me stuff in my email. I was able to snap a pic of him in his natural habitat along with my closest sister, "The Educator".  Watch out students!  "She'll be back!".  Not sure if they were shopping or what, but there they are.

Here we all are lined up to stuff our faces with good food and fill our hearts with plenty of family time.  Can you figure out what room of the house we are in?  Hmmm?  It is the garage.  Yes my parents have a chandelier in their garage.   Their garage is painted both walls and floor, has pictures on the wall, and even some flower arrangements.  I tell you the cars never had it so good.  My parents garage doubles as a banquet hall for family get togethers.

No family meal is complete without a fine wine and Georgia is know for its fine wines.  Take a gander at our wine list
This is "Uncle Bucks Turnip Blush".  Hey is was "voted best  wine at the tractor pull".

In case you can't read this , it is the "apple surprise now with prunes" created by our own "Bubba Jones winery and muffler shop.  It is great for degreasing engines, cleaning toilets, cleaning tires, etc.  Its not just for drinkin anymore.  ***Disclaimer*** I am hoping you guys figured out these were fake labels.  Actually the wine is from Chateau Elan.

Next on the pic list is my youngest brother and my dad chowing down on some good cooking

Sitting next to my brother is his girlfriend whom we like very much.  Okay last on the list is the picture explaining why my mom wanted me to get some snaps of dear ole dad.  This is what he normally does:

So once again we can say another successful Thanksgiving celebration.  We have an awful lot to be thankful for.  We got home that night and put up one of our two trees.  I will take pics when both are finished.  I have been putting out Christmas decorations since Thanksgiving night.  I had to work this weekend, so today is catch up on regular house work, laundry, and decorating.  Plus school is back in session for both boys.  I need to also make bread.  YAY!  So now I am off to the races...well kinda, I want to sneak on over to facebook and see what my friends are up to.  Then I will get to work.  Yea, that's the ticket.  So you guys have a great day!

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