Friday, November 18, 2011

Mornin guys!

It is a chilly morning here in Ga with our lows this morning in the 29 degree range.  I am toasty though in my winter jammies and the flannel robe my sister made me last year.  I love the jammies.  They are like brushed tricot on the inside of the fabric, but satiny on the outside.  They are great for keeping warm in flannel sheets cause when you turn over in the bed you don't make sparks.  LOL.  Without those jammies last night I would have been chilly indeed.
Anyone else getting ready for Thanksgiving?  I am in the way that I am getting ready to decorate for Christmas.  We have Thanksgiving at my mothers house each year, and each year my oldest sister and I go to my moms on "Thanksgiving Eve" and help her cook everything.  Then we spend the night, eat too much, etc.  We have a great time.  Thanksgiving night after all the festivities is when we put up the tree for Christmas.  I love Christmas, but I absolutely balk at stores opening on Thanksgiving or at midnight.  I am also opposed to stores putting out their decorations and other Christmas items in September.  My mother talks of when she was a child there wouldn't be the first decoration or mention of Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving and then it would seem like a winter wonderland.  I am 44 years old and I remember a time when the lighting of the Riches Christmas tree in Atlanta was the official start of the holidays in Ga.  It is sad to see all the commercialism.  I used to love Black Friday shopping, but this is too much.  I personally won't be shopping Black Friday in protest, but I am not so deluded as to think there still won't be people out there.  This is just my personal feeling.   I seem to have gotten off on a tangent.......anyway, We put our tree up on Thanksgiving night with good old fashioned Christmas music playing in the background.  We are usually munching on things leftover from Thanksgiving day and it is great fun.  One thing I am doing this year is not putting any presents under the tree until Christmas eve.  Instead I am putting my Christmas village under the tree. However we will have to keep our pit terrier mix from getting to it cause she chews.  I need to invest in a good baby gate.
So in preparation for Christmas decorating, I am "fall cleaning" the house and getting things organized.  I have the living room and dining room done.  I was a little disappointed yesterday because I have one of those wooden wick candles that is pumpkin pie scented.  I wanted to light it yesterday, but alas the wick has wicked out.  So I got out my liquid potporri pot and put some water in it then set the candle(in its glass) into the water. It heated it up melting the wax and scented the whole house with pumpkin pie.  YUMMMMM!  Since that is working, I am going to do the same thing with some other scented candles I have during the Christmas season. Yay!  So I need to get back to being busy.  Much to do, much to do; cleaning, baking, laundry, etc.  Have a great day!

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