Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mornin all!

Here I am again with my coffee.  This is becomming a habit. Hmmmm.  Well I am happy to say my coffee has been brought to me by a new (to me) coffee pot procured at the thrift store.  It is a 12 cup Mr Coffee automatic drip coffee pot that looks like it has never been used and I got it for $4!  Good find I think.  I am also trolling for a new lamp shade, but couldn't find one of those.   Thrift stores are awesome places if you know what you are looking for.  My sister has one near her and this past summer when we were "sewing"(wink, wink) we would go shop there.  I don't get to see her much thru the school year because she is a teacher and I work weekends, but over the summer we have a day each week where we would get together.  I have gotten more stuff at that thrift store. I got all of the bedding for my sons(both of them) rooms, a yogurt maker, denim jacket for me (I couldn't have made it that cheap), other clothes for me, glasses, cannisters, jars, baskets, shoes, jeans for the year for both boys,pans, etc.  Let someone else pay the original retail price thank you very much, I will pay the depreciated price.  Thrift sales, yard sales, garage sales, estates sale.  There is an endless supply of ways to get an item on the cheap.  My main way now that I work weekends is thrift stores and of course Ebay.  Not ebay as much, but a little. 
I was gonna sew yesterday, but I forgot I need navy thread.  Hopefully I can get that today.  My youngest is still asleep (funny how teenagers do that).  I ususally wake him up @ 7am, but I am letting him be lazy cause I need to cut out a jacket for him.  One of the draw backs to homeschooling is they are home when you are trying to make christmas gifts.  I am having to get creative, so once I am done here for the day, I will get out the stuff to make his camo jacket.  Christmas is on a big time budget this year with us trying to travel to Florida to see relatives.  I am making items for thier stockings as well.  You know candy goodies and stuff.  The rest of the stocking is going to have things they need like mens gloves, hat, axe body wash(teenagers love that stuff)etc.  So anyway, my day will be busy I assure you.  In fact I am sure I will be busy until after the holidays.  That isn't unusual.  So everyone have a great day!      

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