Monday, December 12, 2011


Everyone getting their Christmas stuff done?  I am making progress.  I should be making more progress, but for now here I sit typing away.  Its cloudy and cold outside, but I have my Christmas trees on and I have Pandora playing Christmas music on the computer while I type to keep me in the spirit of Christmas.  Once I am done here it is off to my sewing machine to finish up some things and start others.  So far I have completed the pjs for grandson and Einstien.  I almost have Rubic's done.  I just need to finish the top.  Dh says he doesn't want Pjs this year cause he has plenty, so for him I made a couple pair of scrub pants for work.  He already has them so not a gift.  My dh and I are gonna get into the kitchen and cook up some Christmas treats for his co workers.  My co workers are getting homemade bread which I will make on Friday.  I still need to get some gifts though.  My mom, my daughter and her husband, as well as one more gift for my sons should wrap everything up.  I tell you I am loving this internet shopping.  WHEW!  beats the crowds.  In away, in not going to the store I have not had to deal with all the junk placed in the holiday buy the world.  I haven't had to deal with nativities sitting next to jack o lanterns, or Christmas decorations put up in stores before Nov 1st. The only decor I have had to see has been my own and it wasn't put up until Thanksgiving.  I think that is one reason why my Christmas this year has so far been wonderful and I have to say relatively stress free.  With the exception of the stress put on me by sewing this close to the holiday.  I know I really should start things maybe in Jan, but I put it off.  You know what they say"why put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the next day".  Anyway, once I am done with everything and before I get them wrapped, I will take pics and post them here.

In honor of all of us scurrying around getting last minute things done, I thought I would post an old poem I wrote a few months ago.  I am like my mom in that I get creative when I am tired.  This poem was written at midnight one night over the summer after a very long day of canning etc.  Thought You guys would like it. SO without further adieu:

Ode to a house wife (by me)

Now I lay me down to sleep
Alas my house I could not keep
Kitchen, floors and laundry to do,
But distractions came and time flew.
I did accomplish a few things,
But many of them contained calories.
I find that on a cool rainy day
I am less apt to work and more apt to play
At cooking and baking in my kitchen
Making chocolate cookies and fired chicken.
So while my waist gets wider and my house is still cluttered,
I look to tomorrow to find another
Day in which to give a try
To keep my house as women gone by.

Thanks.  Have a great day!

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