Friday, February 10, 2012

Weather man says serious freeze this weekend.

As it stands right now, my peach trees haven't bloomed, but they are seriously close.  I think that will save them for now.  My blueberry bushes have some blooms open and that concerns me.  I have plastic to cover them, but not sure if it will help them with a hard freeze.  What to do,what to do.  I did get out in the garden this past week and start getting things ready  for spring.  It amazes me how bad a garden can get just over the winter.  I think one reason is the fact that we have had such a warm winter that the weeds haven't gone dormant.  Primarily growing in my garden is clover.  I hear tell that is a good thing cause it means I have plenty of nitrogen in the dirt.  However, it covers my garden so I am slowly but surely getting that situated.  Not to mention the bunny factor.  Makes me want to sit out on my porch and just pick the little critters off.  Don't tell Peta.  I have planted my seedlings in the house and am just awaiting their little heads popping out of the ground.  Fingers crossed.
I have been a bad blogger in the fact that I haven't been taking the pics like I want in order to make my posts more interesting.  I mean lets be honest here.  I doubt many people love to hear of my day...Seriously.  I want my blog to be something interesting and/or informative that I can impart to others.   I may have to re think this blog and vow to either make it better, or do without it.  I don't have many readers right now and that may have something to do with it, but in order to possibly get more readers, I need to make it something worth reading.  Anyway.... I will try better next time.  Daddy if you are lurking HELLO!  The rest of you have a great day.

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