Monday, February 20, 2012

I know you aren't supposed to wish your life away...

BUT I AM SOOOO READY FOR SPRING!  Okay, i'm calm now.  I have a list of cool weather crops to get in the ground and other springy type things to do, but I can't get the ground to dry up enough.  Makes me a bit nervous then I get ansy.  I do have some things I am able to do now so that helps.  Last week I traded for some yard work.  This wonderful man cleared my back property. Here he is in the process:
That tree in front of him is my oldest peach tree.  Next to the peach tree is my thornless blackberry vines on a lattice.
I feel I have to show the process so here are more pics:
And more clearing:

To the left of that marvelous machine in the above picture you can catch a glance of my garden.  It isn't very pretty right now, but bear with me and by spring it will hopefully be wonderful.  So now that he is done clearing, I have this on my plate to somehow get rid of  this summer.  Ummm and it will probably take me the summer:
Behind this pile of wood, a little to the right of the center of the pile, you can see two seemingly young trees. They are pecan trees that were uncovered during this clearing process.  The wonderful gentleman told me I have given them their best chance just by uncovering them.  He said to just throw some fertilizer around the drip line and they would be fine.  They were strangled by kudzu, and so to help them come back strong, I need to also cut the bark where the kudzu was choking them and let them fill back out.  I love the fact that I have pecan trees.  I have been wanting them, but it takes so long for them to start producing and they are tough to plant just right.  Now I have them.  Thank you Lord!  Cause He is the one that planted them, not me.  Other trees uncovered were hickory, and tulip maple trees.  I have gone out and begun the process of cutting some of the wood pile.  Mainly I am cutting longer, straighter stakes for my garden.  I have to say one thing about these seed trees; they make awesome stakes. The diameter is about 2-2.5 in and the length is anywhere from 7-9 ft.  I have about 20ish so far.  I need plenty cause I am hoping to be able to use them for not only stakes, but make sort of a fence for my beans to climb on.  I have plans for a lot of climbers this year: green beans, navy beans, pinto beans, english peas, and cucumbers.  Then I have tomatoes to stake and peppers can always use support.  I have some cages and trellis already thanks to my mom and dad, but needed more and figured these trees could be put to use.  Waste not want not!  Today's plan it to re-pot some tomato seedlings, plant some lettuce and spinach in window boxes on my deck, general housekeeping, and make bread.  I love this time of year, and am anxious to get started.   So!  My todo list wont get ta done until I get up from here and get to work.  Hope everyone has a productive day!  God bless!

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