Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ahhh I love spring time.

Okay this fact would probably shock my parents, but one of my favorite things is to get totally dirty, sweaty and exhausted working out in the yard(and on my farmers tan)and then be able to get a hot shower and lay on the bed.  The only thing better is to be able to get into clean sheets as well;  Oooo, Oooo sheets dried on the clothes line( or for those of you of the environmental persuasion, a solar dryer).  Today I get to do that very thing.  My plan is to workout in the yard today. I did some work outside yesterday as well and had a great time.  While I work outside my tomato babies will play outside in the sun like they did yesterday.  I have a huge list of to do's outside.  Baking and housecleaning will wait until the rain comes tomorrow.  I am hopeful to plant my potatoes, onions, and beets today.  I also have my burn permit to burn a small amount of the cleared off stuff, but most of it will go into a wood chipper.  I want to get out to my pecan trees and go ahead and cut the bark where the kudzu strangled it.  Any more then that I will be thankful for accomplishing, but I am going to try to accomplish more.  So I am off to work outside.  You guys have a great day!

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