Wednesday, February 22, 2012

!@#$$%^& and an update

Hello all!  Before I begin my rant(well kind.  I am not nearly so frustrated as I was) I wanted to let you guys know I have fixed the two previous postings that had items missing.  What is she talking about?  Well you can find the first post and this will now show you the actual recipe for the pancakes I made that day.  Please forgive me for not just re-naming this link, but I don't know how(smile).  Then the second problem post can be found  I hope both of these links work.  Fingers crossed.

So now onto my rant.  Day before yesterday I spent a decent amount of time re-potting some tomato plants due to over crowding.  I finally got them done and had let them stay out of direct sun for the rest of the day to give them time to recover.  So yesterday morning I place them in front of  my bedroom window.  I have storm windows, and while I get good sunlight though them, the sunlight has a hard time reaching all of my plants.  Well I decided I would open the inside part of the storm window to allow my seedlings to get as close as possible to the sunlight.  I literally get them positioned and turn my back and the inside storm window comes loose from its latch and slams down onto my seedlings; sending seedlings, pots and potting soil flying.  It was a mess to be sure.  I was afraid I would lose them.  I did lose some of them, but managed to salvage about 2/3 of the seedlings.  So far.  It is a wait and see.  I re-potted them and have kept them out of the sun.  This morning will tell.  I plan on letting them sit in front of the window so we will see how they do.  I also canned some chicken and some stew meat, as well as baked my bread for the week.  Here is a pic:

I love how it all looks lined up on the counter.  Those are my little wrecked baby seedlings.  I have another flat that didn't suffer so.  Total tomato seedlings so far is 69.  Go ahead and laugh Daddy.  I need tomato sauce!  That takes a lot of tomatoes.  I also planted a few snow pea seedlings out in window boxes.  I am hopeful they do well also.  I am thinking not to many of those as they are better eaten fresh and not frozen.  I have 7 of those plants. Here are half of them:
There is such a long list of things to be done and it is hard to not feel overwhelmed, but I will just do as my mom always tells me "just do the next thing".  I will get done what I can get done.  Before I leave you guys I thought I would give you something to smile about.  I don't think I have posted this before, but if I have just over look me.  I think he wants in: OPEN, OPEN, OPEN

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