Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yay I finished it! and pics

Well here it is the baby blanket and hat I have been working on for a coworker. 

I am so glad to have finally finished it. It will be ready to give to her on Saturday.  I have also been working on the christmas jammies for the family.  I have both my ds and my grandsons pj pants ready to put in the waist band which is the last thing.  Then I will have the matching tops to sew.  Can I share a bit of advice for those wanting cheap fabirc to make sewing worthwhile?  Have I disclosed this before?  I might have, but look in thrift stores for solid color flat sheets.  From one king sized flat sheet I got 1 tablecloth for a decorative table round, 4 christmas napkins (at least they will be) and three cute little winter coats and matching hats for my doll clothes inventory.  In another king size sheet I got  3 pair of mes pajamma pants.  In a twin sized knit sheet I got a mans pajamma shirt and a toddler pajamma shirt.  The cost of the flat sheets was like 1-2 bucks.  Way cheaper than buying fabric by the yard.  Another advantage is that I used the hem of the sheets for the hem of the pants and or tops if possible.  Not the big hem at the top of the sheet, the smaller one on the bottom or sides of the sheet.  Yay saves me a step. 
While I am thinking about it I said earlier that I would post a more recent pic of my daughter.  Although this is more recent, it is still 3 years old.  I really need to get on her to get more pics made.

Grr I hate it when the computer soed this to me.  I post a pic and all of the sudden I am writing in the middle
of the screen.  Very aggravating.  So I am gonna end this post and post more later. 

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  1. I love the blanket! And love the picture of your daughter and her family. That was a good tip about the sheets! I'll have to check and see what our thrift stores have.Have a great weekend with your family.
    Cary Ann