Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wouldn't want to leave you hanging....

I know my posts have been few and far between.  It's mainly because A) Busy, busy, busy, and B) nothing really earth shattering to share.  I don't want to just leave you guys in cyber space, so I thought I would drop in and say Howdy........Howdy.  Okay see ya later.  JUST KIDDING!

My business comes from trying to get the garden in.  Little by little it is taking shape, but doing it with a shovel and pic axe is slower going.  I have to say I like my tiller.  Blooms are on my berries and fruit trees.  I might actually get a couple of peaches, but I don't want to hope yet.  We'll see.  I have managed to harvest a little spinach and lettuce, but I think I should have planted more.  The broccoli and cabbage are coming along, and I have 62 tomato plants (Unless I inadvertently kill them lol). 

On the frugal front this week, I

1. Have hung 2 loads of clothes each day on a newly restrung umbrella clothes line I have.
2.  Re strung a clothes line (huh, I guess that should have been first).
3.  Harvested spinach from the garden
4.  Cut my hair. 
5.  Got a good deal on loaf bread (wheat no HFCS) at Aldi.  .65 a loaf.  Bought and froze about 6 loaves.  I don't do as much bread making in the summer due to it heating up our house so much.  This is a good deal.
6.Went thrift store shopping with hubby and the young men (trying to not say boys anymore).  Got some books, Hubby found some CDs to download on his MP3 player, got some terracotta pots for .50 (Big ones), a looks new granite ware stock pot for $2.50 for my daughter, fabric, and some other things.

Full confessions here, DH and I have been married 21 years this past Monday, so we went out.  That isn't the unfrugal part.  We took the guys out the next day....and the grandsons the next day.  Now in our defense, we take the grand boys to church while their mama and dad work.  After church we go to the restaurant where they work and have lunch.  We get a discount, she gets a good tip.   So now you know.  All my deep dark secrets.

So now that I have bored you to tears, I am going to get ready for work.  What are you people doing up and this time of the morning anyway.  Go back to bed!

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