Saturday, August 2, 2014

I'm Caught up!

I am finally getting caught up.......except for the corn I picked today that now needs canning....uh and there is bread to be made,,,,,and..well.. the tomatoes outside needing to be picked, sauces needing canning, and.....OH GOOD GRIEF! Okay I am not caught up.  It was an illusion.  I can say with all authority though, that I have emerged from canning tomatoes long enough to say, I am canning tomatoes.  I might be a bit.  (Smile).  It is still crazy, but a more moderate form of crazy.  It was bad.  Let me tell ya.  Bad enough to where I.....dare I say it......Went to Subway for dinner!  AH!  Now I don't do that every night I can tomatoes.  I would lose my cost savings from gardening and canning if I went out each night.  Tonight was an exception.  I was literally drowning in tomatoes and sauce.  There is always a time when I have tomatoes in all stages of processing. Which means I have my kitchen in a constant state of upheaval.   But now that I have that down pat (Not done, just controlled), I am looking toward the corn coming in.  Then the limas.  Watermelons are coming in as well, but those are just a treat. 

 I am at the point where I am asking myself if I really want to plant anything else for fall.  The consideration is, with food prices being what they are,  wouldn't it be prudent to plant such things as spinach and lettuce as well as cabbage to replace my bombed sauerkraut this past spring?  But I am so ready for the garden to be put up!  I think it was the cooler weather we have had recently.  80 degrees in July for Georgia is almost unheard of.  Cooler weather, school starting back, and the garden being put away for the season are signs of fall on the way and I am ready for fall.  LOVE, love, love that time of year.  Anyway, with the cabbage, I need to decide now but with the spinach and lettuce  I have a little more time to decide, but not much.  I know the corn area is done once all the corn is harvested..  I plan on mixing in some aged chicken manure and then covering the whole shebang in black plastic over the fall and winter.  Anything I do plant will be planted in my concrete raised beds on the lower end of the garden nearest the house. 

Edited to add:  (or in the words of  the spongebob narrator) 48 hours later..........(assume a French accent.  I can't type that)

So!  I actually have had the stove empty of tomatoes since last I typed.  I did have some BBQ sauce cooking down in the crock pot yesterday.  It was canned yesterday as well.  I got 6 half pints.  I plan to make more.  I also have canned 8 qts of spaghetti sauce and 8 pints of corn.  In addition I was able to make bread for the first time yesterday.  My poor family has done without bread for the past couple of weeks.  It has been biscuits, pita, crackers or muffins with meals.  I was happy to be able to  make up some loaves of bread as well as pizza crust yesterday.  I am hoping I have some other time maybe today to make some cookies.  I will be starting up the tomato pots again today.  So the lull is about over.  More corn to pick as well.  So off I go to get my day started......after another cup of coffee of course......

Oh and if there is any doubt.....yes all this canning/ gardening/ baking is worth it. 

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