Saturday, September 17, 2016

Off and Rolling

I know it's been quiet on here the past couple of weeks.  Bread has still been baked.  Laundry has still been hung.  I bought a months worth of groceries last week, and the garden has received some attention.  Not as much attention as it probably needs, but it has gotten some.

My blog and my garden have suffered from "sewing frenzy".  Sewing frenzy occurs when your proprietor has a deadline self imposed to get items into an online Etsy shop before the holidays.  As a result of said deadline, the sewing machine goes non stop.  Since no one has yet to invent a home self propelled sewing machine; the garden and the blog have suffered.

Now on the up side, I have begun making SALES in my Etsy shop.  My little store is in the black about $100.  Doesn't sound like much I'll warrant you, but it's a start.  It sure beats being $100 in the red.  Here are some of my latest additions:

Add to this replacement sets of cloth diapers for dolls (all sizes) and two slip/panties sets for 18-20 inch dolls and you have a busy sewing machine.  Should anyone be interested in my store they can see it  at

Apparently you need to copy and paste this address.  Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me put the link in.

Today, however, was a gardening day!  Yay!  Back to sewing this afternoon though so don't get too excited.  Anyway, it is time to change out the sand the chickens use in their run for fresh sand.  It is also time to put the garden to bed for the winter.  So, combining both tasks we shoveled out the old sand into some of the raised beds and turned it in.  But, in the middle of this task, we changed our mind and, instead of putting in new sand, we made it so our chickens can free range.  At least the older ones.  DH put a door on the coop we can use to shut them in at night.  The baby hens got the big run and the older chickens are out and about.  We have another run ready should we need to get them back in. We replaced the sand that was in the old run with dirt since it is no longer necessary for them to have a sand bed.  They seem happy with the change.  The babies looove the new run they have.  All got an up grade.  I was able to complete two beds and so will cover them with plastic probably tomorrow.

So I can safely say I have done something besides sew.  In fact I have now blogged And gardened! Now I need to go organize/move my sewing area to make it more user friendly.  One day I will have a sewing room, but since I am not in a huge hurry to have an empty nest, I will make due with what I have.  You guys have a great day!

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