Friday, March 30, 2012

This is sooooo cool! But then I am easily amused

Wow!  I didn't realize I had been away so long.  This time of year is kinda crazy at my house.  I have a long to do list that seems to get longer and longer.  My peach trees have baby peaches, my apple trees have blossoms, and I have planted in my garden: English peas, potatoes, tomato plants(60 of them), jalapeno pepper, sweet bell pepper, broccoli, lettuce,onions and spinach. Veggies still to plant are: corn, peanuts, green beans, lima beans, navy beans, and pinto beans.  Herbs I have planted are cilantro and parsley.  Herbs to plants are Thyme, Oregano, and Mint.  Thyme, Oregano and Mint are perennials and so once they are planted, all I will have to do is split them periodically.  The thyme and Oregano are also herbs that do double duty.  They are both for cooking and medicinal purposes.  For example Thyme is often used in cough medicine and has good antibacterial properties.  Oregano aids in digestion, and stimulates a weak appetite.  One herb I already have on hand is Lemon Balm.  It is also a perennial.  It has a wonderful lemony scent that seriously I will just go and smell it.  It is awesome.  It also has medicinal purposes such as: being a gentle sedative, stimulates the heart, can help dispel a headache or migraine.  In the summer(by the way this is the cool part) I make sun tea which I personally believe is far better tasting than brewed tea(just sayin).  Yesterday I put a few springs of lemon balm in my sun tea as it was steeping in the sun.  What I ended up with was an awesome tasting tea with just a hint of lemon.  Pretty nice when you think of  the cost for lemon juice.  See I told you I was easily amused.  You were warned.  For those of you of the bee keeping nature, Lemon Balm is also attractive to bees.  They love the little flowers.  I use it, along with marigolds to attract bees to my garden .
Today Rubic and I are off to a fair sort of thing that will illustrate forging weapons, displays of their use, etc.  It is in Blairsville.  So a bit far to go, but he is interested in that sort of thing.    Speaking of such we need to hi tail it out of here and I still need to get a shower.  Have a great day everyone!

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