Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Confessions of a Domestic Diva

Hello all!  I am taking a break from the kitchen.  I am on a baking jag in that I am trying to get some things baked before it gets too hot.  I am baking on a large scale this morning.  So far I have made 4 loaves of bread, 1 pkg of hamburger buns and 1 pkg of hot dog buns.  I have English muffins on the rise(hence the break).  I am trying to bake more at once so I can keep from having to turn on the oven too often.  I know I said I could use the grill, and I am sure I will when it gets too hot, but for today it is still cloudy and not so hot.
 Yesterday I picked another 4 lbs of blueberries and was able to can them up into 7 pint jars of blueberries.  I must have wanted those berries really bad cause I got out there yesterday morning not realizing the weather man was still calling for rain.  I start picking and get to number 5 of my 6 bushes and a little drop of rain begins to fall.  I think Uh oh I better get those herbs cut before the rain starts.  So I real quick go over to my herb bed and pick the mint and rosemary I wanted for later and then went back to picking.  I no sooner get back to picking blueberries and it starts to pour.  I keep on picking saying to myself "I am neither sugar nor salt (I am someones honey)I won't melt".  I finally finish picking the berries and go into the house soaked.  My oldest son just looks at me weird for a sec then goes back to what he was doing.  He's used to his crazy mama.  I was also able to get the rosemary oil and the mint extract started. So in 2 weeks you guys will get to see the results. Today's plan is to get into the garden after it dries up some and finish tying up the tomatoes, weed, and stake some Lima beans that don't realize they are bush beans.
Now all of that being said; I know I write often about about baking, canning, gardening, etc.  A lot of people read that and think "whew!  How can she have time to do all that?".  I'm guessing they say that anyway.  Well I will now house isn'   There!  I said it!  Now don't get me wrong.  It isn't that bad.  My kitchen stays clean in between projects.  I try to clean as I go.  My laundry stays done and for the most part folded and put away.  I try to make my bed each day.  I do those things and a few others, but the really clean organized home....  not me.  My home is ahh lived in.  I do make sure the floors are swept and things are straight before Dh comes home, but these extra curricular activities do take away from my "Donna Reed"ness.  Probably around the Christmas Holidays you will see my house plew perfect, but this time of year is extremely busy for me and spring cleaning isn't a great priority. Now once the garden is put to bed I will be going through this house like a mad woman getting it back to normal.  For now.  If you come over, just don't look too closely.  There... Confession made.  Now I can go back to my Domestic Diva status.

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