Monday, June 4, 2012

Mornin all!

It is raining this morning so what better time to do any bread making than today.  Can't go play in the yard, but we need bread too.  So while the dough is on its first rising I am here typing away.
I tried another experiment.  I would like to say it is original idea, but apparently I am not the first to try this.  I managed to bake bread, pizza, and muffins on my gas grill outside.  It was a test and so I only made 1 loaf of bread(hence the reason we need bread today), and 1 batch of muffins( I needed to use up a ripe banana,2 egg yolks and about a cup of milk).  Everything turned out well.  The trick is to move it around periodically in order for it to brown evenly.  I lit only one side then put the items to be baked on the unlit side then closed the lid.  It was enjoyable to sit outside with my Dh and catch up on the day as we looked out over the back yard with the garden and fruit trees.  So anyway, I now have an alternative to heating up my house when making bread.  The first alternative was to buy bread and while it is Okay, there is nothing like homemade bread fresh from the oven(or grill) with butter.  Oh yea baby!  So I will be enjoying an indoor day knowing that tomorrow will definitely be an outdoor day.  I have a some tomatoes to tie up, Lima bush beans to stake (I know right!) They are bush beans but apparently they don't know it and are in the process of reaching across the isle to the corn.....hmmm I feel like I should say something political here....never mind!  I still want to get out and get some herbs for teas, tinctures, and oils.  I will do that sometime this week.  And I haven't forgotten about posting pics of how I did it.  Add to all that the normal pickin and grinnin and it makes for a busy day outside.
So I will write more when I have more to write.  Until then I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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