Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just thought I would check in

Nothing very impressive to report.  It is a cloudy morning and I sit here drinking my second cup of  percolated coffee.  In keeping with my homesteady decor, my coffee is percolated on my kitchen stove in an old fashioned lookin camp coffee pot.  Drip coffee does not, I repeat does not come close.  Percolated coffee is rich, but not bitter, hot(and I do mean hot), the smell permeates the house as it perks, and it used less coffee grounds.  My Dh prefers drip coffee, but while he is away on a training, I get percolated.  When he comes home, it will be drip.  The things I do for love!

  Well I'll be!  The sun has won and broken through the clouds!

This morning at 5:45 am I was awoken by thunder and lightning.  No rain, and I snuggled down in my sheets.  .  I was startled awake by the realization that I had clothes hanging on the line that I forgot about yesterday.  Now Murphy's law will tell you that had I stayed in bed and said "ah they'll be fine", I would have had a downpour on my hands as well as soaked clothes.  So up I get and outside, in the dark, to get the clothes off the line.  I got them into the house and situated, then went back to bed.  Yea....not happening.  I was awake.  It didn't help that my dog, Wolly,

 decided if I was up it must be time to get out of the kennel and Mama just forgot.  So he kept whimpering while I was trying to go back to sleep.  BAD DOG!  So giving up sleeping, I put on a pot of coffee, and started my day.  I made a batch of banana bread for breakfast, and am trying my hand at making pinto bean bread.  The recipe is in "The More with Less" cookbook pg 62.  We'll see how it does.  If successful I will have a bread that not only can be good for sandwiches and such, but could actually be a meal.  The addition of the pinto beans will make this bread a complete protien.  Add some fruit, soup, or salad with it and voila!  Dinner!  We will see.  I can tell you it does rise quite a bit.  Oh by the way, paused to add...It did not rain... Yea Murphy Law got me on the other side.  I knew that would happen.

So the plan for today is for the boys to cut the grass.  I am hopeful I can finally get back into the garden.  That is after my sons lessons are done for the day.  I am sure they are going to want to go to the "Y" for a swim, but the lawn has to be done first. So that is my day in a nut shell.  Like I said nothing earth shattering.  I guess I need to get going again.  Hopefully I can have something more impressive to write about next go round.

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