Friday, August 24, 2012

Putting the garden down for a nap, and trying something new

New to me anyway.  I actually spent 4 hours yesterday outside in the garden(housework went to rack and ruin but...)putting some of the beds down for the winter.  I have blister on top of blister this morning and my shoulders are sore, but it is a good feeling to have three beds prepared.  I am trying something new.  A variation from another blog site I read.  You can link to it here.  I really enjoy this site.  The couple live in the North Ga mountains which aren't too far from me.  They pretty much grow all they eat with few exceptions. Anyway, Here is what I am doing.  I dig up the bed, putting the dirt onto a tarp, then fill the bottom of the "hole" with organic stuff from the garden i.e. dead weeds, corn stalks, bean plants dug up, etc.  I layer a nice thick layer, liberally sprinkle fertilizer over it all then top it with the dirt from the tarp.  I then cover all of that with black plastic.  The largest pieces of stick are mainly the pruning from my blueberry bushes.  It is a great way to get rid of yard refuse and build up the soil in the process.  I hope.  But at least it does get rid of the yard waste.  Kind like sweeping the dirt under the rug, but more beneficial.(smile)  I will update in the spring if I was successful.  It is kinda like having individual compost bins.  So I accomplished three of these beds.  I would have done four. I did cultivate the bed, but when I was going to put the bed down for the season I discovered 3 potato plants.  So instead I covered them up with more dirt and left them alone.  Later on in the day I found 4 more potato plants.  So my final tally of 60+ lbs for the season, may be premature. We'll see.  My tomato plants continue to come back.  Not sure if I will get much from them, but they have plenty of blooms.  I am dying to dig up my peanuts, but I must be patient.  They aren't ready yet.  I hope I get a good harvest from them.  The plants look wonderful.  Well, I am off to clean. Unfortunately, not my house. Mine will have to wait a bit longer.  It'll just get dirty again anyway.  As my sister says "If evolution were true, houses would get cleaner".  You guys have a great day.

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  1. Sounds like you have had a productive day!! I look forward to your next post. ' )