Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have no idea.  Seriously.  I just came in from the garden and I have two potato volunteers and 6, yes you heard(er read) right, 6 volunteer plants.  I know they are garden veggie plants, but I don't know which yet.  They could be either peanuts, water melon, spagetti squash or some other type squash.  I won't know until they grow a bit.  But for now they have been moved to their own little bed.  Ooo I love surprises!  The beets are up and doing well as is the brocolli, cabbage, and 10 lima bean plants.  I need the rest to come up soon or I replant.  No cucumbers yet so I may need to replant those as well.  Alas my spinach and lettuce did nothing.  I am thinking I will replant in a window box.  We'll see.

So this is a short little post, but I figured I would share.  Yall have a great day!

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