Thursday, July 18, 2013

And Panic ensues.....

So yesterday I was so excited to see that I had enough green beans to fill a canner for the first time this season.  For the past few weeks I have been getting some, but never enough to warrant all the joys of pulling out the ole pressure canner.  Finally!  I could start filling up the larder with all the goodies coming in from the garden. To date all I have put in the larder are blueberries and beet jelly.  Don't get me wrong, every little bit helps, but pulling out the pressure canner is a sign that things are taking off.  SO last night while watching a movie, I snapped said beans and then informed my DH that I will be staying up late to get the beans canned.  I get everything situated, jars washed, etc.  Then I go to get out my pressure canner.  Well it isn't in the cabinet where I keep it.  Hmmm, maybe it is in my boys, UP!  On top of the  It shouldn't be in the shed, but I check it anyway.  Not there.  This goes on for a while.  I can't find it anywhere.  Well I know it has to be here somewhere!  I then message Diva on FB to see if by chance I loaned it to her and didn't remember.  I didn't hear back by midnight so I went to bed knowing I couldn't can these beans.  I dreamt about that canner, finally waking up at 4:30 am.  I thought and thought about it.  Finally I gave up on sleep and went to the computer to see if Diva answered my message.  She had answered and she did have the canner.  I swear I do not remember loaning it to her and she even says to me that she told me the other day it was up there.  That will tell you how with it I am this time of year.  Now the panic comes in when I was facing a life without my pressure canner.  Sure I could buy another one, but they are pricey.  The worst thing though is that my pressure canner is 72 years old.  Yep!  It was made in 1941 when my dad was 2 and it belonged to my grandmother.  It was a National Pressure canner.  Presto bought them out a looooooong time ago.  Fortunate for me, Presto was nice enough to replace the gasket and weight for just the cost of the part and shipping it up there.  They shipped it back.  I had it checked out at the county extension office (a great resource for all things domestic and agricultural)and aside from the gauge being off by one notch, it works fine.  I just have to look at 11 lbs pressure as the 10 lbs called for in the recipes.  Here are my newly canned beans and my ole pressure canner

I know it looks kinda worse for wear, but it is 72 years old. 

I have decided that I cannot let this thing out of my site.  I will have Diva come to my house to can her stuff or I will go to hers.  Anyone need a lesson, I can go to your house or you to mine, but it stays with moi.  As I told me mommy, and in the words of Charlton Heston "Out of my cold dead hands!"

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