Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aint Technology grand!

Nope, not talkin about the latest IPod or Galaxy gizmo.  You'll have to see my dad or Rubic for that one.  According to my youngest son, Technology is the answer to everything.  I am a pioneering soul.  My heart longs for all things canning, gardening, sewing, farming, and anything else of the self sufficiency nature.  I am not a hopeless romantic thinking of the "good ole days" as if they were a utopian ideal.  They weren't; by a long shot.  Many people died of diseases or injuries which could be easily fixed or prevented today.  There was, though, a strong work ethic.  A higher percentage of families were intact.   We were less sedentary.  I mean really, you could eat a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits, with butter, whole milk, etc , and work it off before lunch.  Hey, I have my priorities.  That sounds pretty good. 
What I am talking about is medical technology.  It has been brought home to me in capital letters how great medical advancements have been.  My daughter would not be here.  She was born by C Section.  My middle son would have died of "Fever" as an infant.  Cancer could have killed my dad.  When you think about it, we have come a long way....medically.  I, myself, have been sick in recent days.  Nothing earth shattering:  UTI, and Thrush.  Not life threatening, but certainly miserable.  Having to let something like that run its course would have been awful and possible fatal.  YUCK..  But thanks to the wonderful invention of antibiotics and anti fungal meds , what would have been really bad turned out to be misery in the short term.  Still bad until the meds, but better and better almost immediately.  I received my meds on Friday and by Saturday morning I was all better except a headache and a few other minor symptoms that were gone before the end of the day.  So HURRAH for medical advancement. 
Now...uh..ever heard of irony?  Murphy's Law?  Yea.  I began writing this particular blog entry over the weekend after I was feeling better and life was good.  It is now 3 am Tuesday morning and once again I am dealing with an illness.  A virus.  Still taking my meds from before, so a virus is all that is left right?  My Son in Law had this particular virus over the weekend.  Silly me drove up to their house and invited him to our house so I could help him while Diva was at work. He made sure he had my number in case (we live very close), but preferred to stay home. I was very careful to not touch him or anything else in the house.  The one thing I did touch was the door knob, but I kept that hand in a tight fist until I got home (not my driving hand anyway) and could wash my hands.  So apparently this little gem is airborne....Fun.  It is one of those creepy crud viruses with the sneezes, headaches, body aches, nausea and all that goes with it.  Kinda like Flu but without the fever.  Oh Joy. 
Aint that a hoot!  (Sigh) so anyway, I still rather like this day and age of medical advancement.  Now if we could just mix that with "The Good Ole Days", things would be juuuust right.  You guys have a great day and stay well.  I' going back to bed.  Good...er.. night? or morning?

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