Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Product endorsement...

Well I hate to admit when I am wrong, but I will do it.  Never let it be said I don't.  I am not wrong often, so make sure you mark this date.  Lol.  I have always believed that all electric dishwashing detergents were created equal.  They aren't.  I bought a bottle of Cascade Dishwashing detergent to make a stain remover recipe I have:


1 cup liquid cascade
1 cup Clorox color safe bleach

Fill your washer with hot(turn off the cold) water and add the bleach and cascade.  Soak whatever clothes you have that have food or grease stains.  Soak them over night.  Then let the washer run thru the rest of its cycle. 

Anyway, I was too lazy to wash my dishes by hand today and so I ran a load in my dishwasher.  I avoid my dishwasher because for years now I have been convinced that it just didn't wash dishes to well.  I could do better hand washing my dishes.  Well that changed today.  I was able to unload all of my dishes and not have to rewash a one of them.  So now being fugal maven and being faced with wanting an expensive dishwashing soap, I am left with no alternative but..... to seek out coupons!  It is for that reason that I emailed Proctor and Gamble and asked nicely.  Oh, and guys....I am using Tide too.  I know, we have fallen down the rabbit hole and into a world of madness!

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