Saturday, September 21, 2013

Once a month grocery shopping part 2

Yes, it is time once again for the next installment of "Once a Month Grocery shopping". I know you guys have been just waiting with bated breath to see what I would write.  Am I right or am I right?  (Smile). 

Some Things to Think About

1.  Unless you have a basement or refrigerated garage somewhere, space to store said groceries will be at a premium.  We live in a Double Wide mobile home ( or for a more high brow phrase, a Modular home) on a foundation.  I wish we had a garage or basement, but alas no such luck.  As a result, I need to be very careful with my storage space.  Remember, I also can garden produce.  Over the years I have redesigned my kitchen to have a large (and I do mean large) pantry.  It Is actually two pantry cabinets installed side by side.  LOVE IT!  My bedroom walk in closet also doubles as a second pantry.  Now you don't need this much space to buy once a month.  I try to keep at least 3-6 moths of food on hand for emergencies.  So I need more space.  You will need additional space though, so get creative. 

2.  I buy staples; partly due to space concerns, and partly to give me more options.  As much planning as you might do; you will run low or out of things before grocery day.  You will also find you have left overs or odds and ends that need to be used up before grocery day.  This is a good thing because it enables you to clean out the fridge and/or defrost the freezer before grocery day.  Makes putting groceries away much easier.  It is during this time my creative juices get to flowing.  This is where you will pull out recipes to make what is needed.  It is a good idea to have convenience food recipes in your quiver.  White Sauce mix- is a substitute for cream soups.  You can find the recipe and uses here.  I also have Choc syrup, Season salt, Granola, Quick Bread Mix and pancake syrup in past blog posts.  Just search for them in the search bar. 

3.  Disclaimer here:  Putting the groceries away will take longer FYI.   But you are only doing it once a month so it all evens out.

4.  Things that help me save and stock up at the same time;  buying items on sale and stocking up with enough to last til the next sale, Getting some of my items at a warehouse store ( again, know your prices.  Not everything is cheaper), buying staples and cooking as much as I can form scratch, and growing what I can. 

Everyone's needs and ways for monthly shopping are different. It won't take long for you to adjust one thing here or tweek something there and you will be shopping like a pro. 

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