Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving is almost here!

It has come around again so fast !  Oh! Uh  if you weren't already freaked out by the swiftly looming holiday season; Christmas is 30 days away from today!  Yikes! 

It is so easy to overlook Thanksgiving as just the beginning of the Christmas season, but we need to take the time before all the black Friday, shopping craziness and remember what we are thankful for and to who we owe that thanks. 

So who do I have to thank?  Well, God first and foremost.  He is my Lord and Savior.  He is my shoulder to lean on. He is my rock to stand on.  I will be the first to say the trials in my life ( and they are small in comparison to others) have been much easier to bear knowing He is there.  While I thank God over all, there are many of "His Hands" in this world deserving of my gratitude.  Those "Hands" take on the form of a friend who gave us a deer and some apples (thanks guys), another friend who in the midst of her own battle with cancer, still took the time to pray with me (love you girl).  They are family always there to lean on or look to for advice, comfort, or a laugh.  They are a church member with a heart for ministry who sees those around him needing help and gives it.  And even better he brings in other church members to bless them with the opportunity to bless others as well.  I am grateful to the men and women who will miss their holiday with family in order to ensure my and my families safety and freedom.  Whether it be as a soldier in a far away country, a police officer in my town, or my local fire fighter, they deserve my gratitude.   I am grateful to Doctors and nurses who will miss the holiday, or at least post pone it for a bit in order to give patients the very best care. 

I am blessed beyond measure...pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  I am fully aware of my blessings and my prayer for this day and the up coming season is that my eyes would be open to those around me needing something, anything.   I pray I am able to bless as I am blessed.  I don't want to spend this season so overwhelmed with things to do that I forget those around me.  Lord I pray for a Thankful heart!

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