Sunday, November 10, 2013

You know the old saying...

"The Good Lord put me here to accomplish a certain number of tasks before I die...Right now I am so far behind I will live forever!".  That is how I feel right now.  I went out this morning to tend to the little chickies, and went by the garden.  There are sweet peas that still need to be picked, shelled, and dried.  I have about half the garden put to bed, but there is still that other half.  The chicken coop needs cleaning out..again.  The house needs a good cleaning and arranging to get ready for the Christmas décor that will soon be up.  I have done no Christmas shopping yet.  I am hoping to start around the 25th.  Nothing, however, can be done until I am done getting things together for a Christmas Market I am participating in at our church.  Part of the proceeds go to a crisis pregnancy center in our local area.  Apple Butter(Check, done), Rice Heating pads(Pads done, covers not done.  Hope to do that today), Butter toffee crunch ( Hope to do that on Thursday), some doll clothes I have finished (Not many, but a few outfits), and Cranberry compote(This is looking unlikely as no one has cranberries on sale yet.  Grrr).  Normally by now I would be sewing PJs for the family.  Not sure if that will get done this year.  May need to think of an alternative.  Still hopeful though.  I think once this next weekend is wrapped up, my focus will be able to go to the holidays and all that entails.  As busy as I get, I still love this time of year.  I know, I'm certifiable. 

I would love to impart some frugal tidbit to you, but alas the well is dry...or at least not very cooperative today.  I am sure in the near future some little tidbit will come to mind, but for right now I need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!  Have a great day!

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