Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Memories 2013

Well its done!  I made it to the Christmas day of 2013 and got what needed to be accomplished, accomplished.  Yay me.  Here sits our humble little tree.  Our bigger tree or what the guys  affectionately call the "elegant tree" is in the dining room.  This is the tree they call the "fun tree" or "family tree".  This tree encompasses everything we are as a family.  It has the ornaments given for first Christmases, Homemade ornaments created in art classes, simple but reverent ornaments celebrating Christ's birth, the fun Santas, Gingerbread men etc. 
 Christmas eve started with the tearing of wrapping paper, opening the traditional Christmas eve gift of jammies Mom made, but WAIT!  A surprise awaits because it isn't it is

  Rubic says he looks like a Jedi and Einstein says he looks like he should be smoking a cigar sitting next to a fire and reading stories to little kids.  "gather around children"  He says.  After the opening of the gifts, it was time to eat junk food and watch "A Christmas Story". 


No Christmas would be complete without the cutting out of cookies.  That is my oldest grandson with Rubic.  Just call him DL.  He is 5 now!  Can't believe it.  After the cookies were done we all piled on the big bed and watched "The Polar Express".  DL was good until it was wrapping up and then he decided he was ready to go do something else. 
This is my newest grandson.  We could refer to him as DL as well, but that would be confusing.  We will call him Bruiser.  Can you believe that child is only 5 months old? 
No Christmas is complete without the obligatory cat on the presents picture.  Here is Nermal.  She loves Christmas time cause she can lay on the gifts (Messing up bows).  This is her normal spot during the holidays. 
I would love to say I got pics of Christmas morning, but the light wasn't so good.  I can say it was a morning filled with laughter , love, wrapping paper and general mayhem.  Some wants were covered, and some needs as well.  These times are becoming bitter sweet for me.  My boys are men now and will soon be out on their own.  I want to try and remember these times; savor these moments.  Tomorrow the decorations will begin to come down and thoughts will turn to "to do" lists, schedules, Spring and all that entails.  I also received an aerobic step which will begin to be broken in (poor thing) tomorrow.  It is time to pay the piper so to speak.  Time to work off cookies, dressings, candies, desserts, and other bad for you stuff.  Not a New Years Resolution, but a necessity or I can't wear my clothes anymore.  So anyhoo, I hope you guys had a great Christmas.  I am looking forward to 2014.
  The future isn't scary if you know the person who holds it! 

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  1. I am glad you had a great day so far. Thank you for sharing this!