Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm trying to avoid getting sucked in....and other musings of a crazy woman

I can feel it coming on.  With the advent of trying to eat healthier plus time constraints due to the guys getting started with their secondary education, I can feel myself getting pulled into a trap of convenience foods, coupons, and all that entails.  I am fighting it.  Part of the problem comes with the temptation to forgo shopping across town at the Aldi store in favor of the Kroger right next to my work.  With the new schedule coming up, shopping Aldi on the weekend is my only option.  I don't know if you guys have ever been to Aldi on the weekends, but it is standing room only; mass confusion.  For this reason, I am beginning to think of other factors besides price, in my grocery shopping deliberations.  Convenience and gas prices have to factor in now.  The new Kroger is literally right next door to my office.  Now that Kroger doesn't double coupons and have lowered their prices, they are comparable to Aldi in many things.  If I focus on sale prices, I think I could come out okay.  In order to save more, I have considered going  back to using coupons, but when I do that I get pulled into buying items I don't need because I have the coupon for it.  For that reason I am contemplating making the change without the coupon addition and just watch my sale prices.  I would still shop at the Publix on that side of town, as well as going by Sams when I take Einstein to school (it is across the street).  If this blog post seems a bit rambly it is because I am thinking out loud. 

In other frugal news:  Dh and I are happy to announce the brush pile in our back yard is now 99.9 % gone.  Most of what is left is small branches that need to be raked up and burned.  Our new years day was spent burning brush.  Yes we are that type of exciting couple.  Cause you know those couple getaways to exotic destinations is so clich√©.  We are trying to decide what to do with this area come spring.  We are torn between expanding the garden to that area, or building a permanent chicken coop.  I think DH would like the garden expanded cause he is not too keen on having to cut more grass in the spring.  It is going to take some more work to get the roots up from the Kudzu and seed trees in the area.  I think once that is done we should have a great addition to the garden.  THe chicken coop would be a nice addition if we are going to allow some of the eggs we have been collecting to hatch.  I did find something interesting in the brush pile.  I have what looks to be like a tree...namely a fruit tree I think.  The bark looks similar to sapling fruit trees one would buy.  The only thing that make me wonder is the fact that the buds on this thing are blue and none of my fruit trees are so colored.  I will need to take a pic of it and see if folks can help me out as to what it is.  Until I know it stays put.  If it is a fruit tree, it has a place in my back yard. 

Because I have so much time on my hands, I am always finding things to do(sarcasm just so you know).  Todays other adventure was to take two sofa cushions covers from two different sofas and use them for repair.  Namely one was used to repair the other.  Mona, our pit bull darling gets antsy when left to her own devices for too long.  We learned this fact the hard way when we arrived home one night to find she had eaten a sofa cushion.  Mainly the zipper was damaged but the cover itself was salvageable.  It now needed to be repaired or I would forever be dealing with a sofa cover.  Enter the other cushion cover from another cushion I don't use anymore.  I removed the still good zipper from the old sofa cushion and it is now ear-marked to repair the chewed on cushion.  The now zipper less old cover will now become a heavy duty grocery bag.  Once I removed the old damaged zipper I realized that a good portion of the zipper was good.  I cut the zipper down and made a shorter but now usable zipper.  I also removed the piping from the old zipper less cushion to use in throw pillows I plan to make.

Yes, I am quite the party animal when it comes to ringing in the new year.  This is my day in a nutshell.  Aside from the above, throw in a few cups of coffee, some cookies I shouldn't have eaten and dinner tonight and you have the jest of it.  So how was your day!

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