Monday, January 20, 2014

Hoooo boy looks like ma done gone an tried nother one a her sperments!

Hey I am only out 20 bucks if I don't succeed, but if I am successful I will have made an area suitable for my baby seedlings to flourish!  A mini greenhouse! 

Let me splain.  This time of year I always get the gardening bug.  Nasty bug that.  Gets me right after Christmas.  It doesn't matter if it is 6 degrees outside (and it has been this year).  My thoughts will turn to freshly tilled soil, baby plants growing tall, and all the wonderful goodies I plan (I hope) to put up this summer.  It doesn't help that we will have absolutely gorgeous days in between the seriously cold days that make you want to go plant something.  With that thought in mind,   I have been entertaining the thought of building a sure nuff greenhouse this year, but reality is the time and the funds are just not really there.   Many more urgent repairs are taking priority.  My house doesn't have great windows in which to start seeds.  Therefore I am relegated to either buy plants or get creative and find a way to do this myself.  I have chosen the latter.  Now this being an experiment, I will have to share the results at a later time, but for  now, here is what I did.

I have a set of heavy duty plastic shelves outside on my back deck.  Currently they house very little except a few dormant plants; potted Iris and a miniature rose bush.  These plants are my control group.  Originally I was going to use heavy duty clear plastic, but upon entering said local hardware store, I was delighted to find clear vinyl sheeting cut to order.  I ordered 12 feet and took my treasure home.  Armed with my purchase, a pair of scissors, and gorilla duck tape (this is red neck after all)I began my experiment.  Now mind you, if this works, the refined lady that wants everything to look relatively nice will emerge and make this a more attractive and permanent fixture, but until then this will have to do.  I went out and began covering the shelving unit.  It needed to be where heat is captured, but there is still adequate ventilation.  Here are my results:

Nothin fancy, and you really can't see much in this picture, but it is there none the less.  The top window box holds the iris and I am already seeing condensation on the sheeting.  If this works I will actually put the pieces together to make a greenhouse tent that slips over this shelving unit.  I am hopeful to be able to grow my seedlings, lettuce and spinach earlier this way.  Here's a thought.  Maybe I can grow my spinaches and lettuces year round.  I spend  about 8-10 dollars a month on greens.   And that is for non-organic.  It would be nice to be able to have my good greens way cheaper, and all the time.

See!  I told you when I was feeling better I would post something! 

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