Saturday, January 4, 2014

A good start to the year

This morning I headed out to my local Kroger (not the one near my work. That doesn't open til spring) to pick up some items I needed that were on sale.  I also wanted to check some prices for things I normally buy at other stores and compare.  Also on my list was to find out the prescription price for my thyroid meds cause Kroger has this deal right now where you get a $25 grocery card with a transferred prescription.  Well the good news on that one was they beat the price I currently pay for my prescription.  Needless to say I transferred my prescription and should get my grocery card tomorrow when I pick it up.  In addition the prices for my groceries were comparable to other stores in my area and those prices that didn't compare I can get at Publix or Sams.  So I got everything I wanted, plus some extra things.  Then I go to get gas at the Kroger gas station cause I have fuel points now!  Their gas was already 10 cents cheaper than any other area, but when I put in my Kroger card I got another 10 cent per gallon off!  I know I can't believe I am saying this, but I got gas for $2.99 a gallon.  That is now a good price apparently.  In addition, one of the extras I found were Nestle Christmas choc chips.  The difference between them and the normal choc chips?  They have red and green choc chips mixed in with the regular ones.  I paid .99 a package.  WOOT WOOT!  So they are red and green.  If I so choose I can pick out the red ones to make valentine choc chip cookies and the green ones to make St Paddys day choc chip cookies.  The regular ones can be everyday choc chip cookies.  Win Win.  I am so excited to have a Kroger next to my work.  Does this sound like a Kroger commercial?  Huh.  It is kind of a Kroger and Publix commercial cause I will be ping ponging between them in the near future.

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