Sunday, October 12, 2014

On being Einstein's mother

No not Albert.  That would make me very old, and while I do date back to the days of no cable, rotary dial phones, and record players, I am too young to be his mom.  No I am referring to my not so little bundle of joy who turns 21 years old today.  That makes me old and proud.  Each of my kids has a "code name" for privacy on my blog.  Einstein is my oldest son, middle child.   At 18 months of age he knew all his letters on site as well as numbers 1-10.  He had a little V-Tech toy he carried around with him everywhere (along with Teddy Ruxpin).  By 3 he was writing and teaching himself the first stages of reading.  By 2nd grade I was informed by his teachers that Einstein was capable of reading anything you put in front of him; even up to college level.  By 7th grade I was told by his math teacher and counselor that if they paid attention to his strengths and not his weaknesses, he could go to M.I.T.  Needless to say Einstein isa really smart.  However Einstein has Asperger Syndrome.  While capable of reading whatever you put in front of him, he was slower in comprehending what he read.  While he has always excelled at the academics of math, reading, etc, he struggled with the application of what he learned.  Social queues are a mystery to him.  Certain sounds affect him.  As a child the sound of the vacuum cleaner, or the shower bothered him like nails on a chalk board.  Yet little by little he overcame it and now has no problem with either.  He talks very little to me, but he talks.  He has, over the years, and with steadfast determination, graduated high school and gone on to technical college.  I couldn't be more proud of him.  I look forward to his future.  He is constantly moving forward, never letting things bring him down.  I am the most blessed of mothers that I was selected to be his. 

So Einstein.  Happy Birthday!  I hope it is everything you desire. 

We Love you!

Okay, that is the sappy card.  Since the paper one we have is funny, all bases are covered.

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  1. You, and he, have every right to be very proud of him as we all are.