Saturday, January 17, 2015

Feeling like a spring day

Seriously it is in the sixties with the sun shining and it is Jan 17th.  To add to that I have 5 pints and 14 half pints of sauerkraut on the counter after canning them this morning, and we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon outside merging the two coops with the one run.   Since I was outside anyway, I decided to get as much of a Vitamin D boost as I could so was outside in a sleeveless top.  Hmm might have gotten a little tan.  All went well with the upgrade and move until one of the younger hens got out of her old run.  She wasn't too hard to catch.  I don't think she is afraid of us.  Garris, the oldest rooster, and I had a get to know each other moment.  I had to move them by hand to their side of the run.  Since I had him in my arms, much to his chagrin, I sat and petted him and talked to him.  He let me.  Didn't argue too much.  Then I put him back in his side of the run.  Once we had both roosters in the one run with a divider between them, it was kinda comical to see them show out for each other.  I have to say if it came to it, our youngest rooster Sambo ( a compromise name for Rubics "Sam" and my "Bocephus") would probably win.  He out weighs Garris and is a few inches taller.   There he is in the picture below.

  Basically They each have their own coop, and half the run.  The run is 40 sq total and so there is plenty of room for them.  Plus each coop is 16 sq ft.  We got a chuckle earlier when one red hen and one white hen were pecking at each other through the dividing netting.  Garris tried to stop the red hen and she gave him an angry look and pecked him hard.  It shocked him.  He left her alone.  Sambo on the other hand simply walked between his lady white hen and the netting and she walked away from the netting.  We know who has their ladies in line.   Poor Garris is old and hen pecked apparently.

Oooo!  I almost forgot.  I wanted to post pics of my new sewing area.  I so feel like Miss Thing in that I have a designated sewing area now.  DH likes the fact that I can keep him company while he watches His football games.  So here tis

So anyway, That's what is going on in my neck of the woods.  I'm glad to have this taste of spring since I'm pretty sure there are still some rainy, cold, yuck days ahead.  But then when the weather turns bad.   I'll sew!

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