Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wow!  I can not believe we are already at 2015.  The saying is true "once you're over the hill you pick up speed".

New Years has never really been an "event" for me.  It is more of an after thought.  If I'm up for some other reason I'll go ahead a watch the ball drop.  More often than not I sleep though it.  This year is one of the years I was up.  Not purposefully, but because my DH and I were watching a really Good movie (Silver Linings Playbook).  It ended around 11:30 and I remembered I had cinnamon roll dough that needed to be converted to cinnamon rolls for morning.  So we ended up watching the ball drop.  The guys were still awake so a few minutes before midnight, we asked them if they wanted to watch.  They came out, we watched the ball drop, hugged and kissed each other, and toasted the new year.  Then bed time.  That's it.  Someone in the neighborhood was shooting off fire works, but it sounded more like incoming artillery.  Our pit bull is a little jittery with loud noises so she ended up laying on the floor next to our bed last night.

So do I have a new years resolution?  Not really.  I am tired of all the rich food so I will be going back to healthier eating.  I did hear an interesting idea yesterday though.  The concept is to look back over the last year and all that happened.  Then think hard about a word to use through the rest of the year.  I would love to say the concept was my own idea, but it wasn't.  It was a co-workers idea.  We will call her "Blondie".  She came up with this concept may years ago at a hospital in Florida.  The concept was popular.  She goes by this concept every year.  The word has to be an action word.  A word that requires something from you.  The architect of this word concept uses the example of her first word.  She says she was a single mom, in a rut, didn't go out, didn't do much except go to work and go home.  Her word was "Dare".  It wasn't a concept that started immediately, just when the opportunities presented themselves, she "dared" herself to accept the challenge.  As a result she met her husband, learned new things, etc.  So during the course of our conversation, another co-worker (we will call her "energizer")  came up with a word for herself.  She told me I needed to come up one of my own.  I had no clue.  That is until I was talking to DH on the way home.  I was explaining to him how I am wanting to take better care of myself.  Do more for me.  Nothing drastic, just little things like getting my hair cut by a professional, or allowing myself to buy something without feeling like I have to justify it(seriously when you feel the need to justify buying new under garments......).  Then the word dawned on me; "Confident".   I want to do things that make me feel more confident about myself.  Not just hair style, or nice looking (not expensive) clothes (tired of looking or feeling frumpy at home and work), but things like increasing confidence  in my abilities or decisions.  I also want to increase my confidence in God's provision and protection.  To know that He is in control even when I feel like my life is out of control.  I know He is in control in my head, but many times I want to take issues out of His hands and try to work it out myself.  I know  increasing my confidence in my abilities and increasing my confidence in God's ability may seem in conflict, but they really aren't.  There is a line where I end and God takes over.  I need to know that line, let go, and let God take over.

Now full disclosure here.  Things are going to be changing here next week.  I will go from 20 hours a week to 32 a week.  It will mean somethings I do here will be limited, but the boys are men now and will be in school while DH and I are at work.  So no one will be here to make a mess (I hope)They are good to help out now as is DH.  As a result of an increase in pay, things like getting a hair cut professionally won't be a big hit.  It is a weird concept having my hair cut professionally.  I haven't done that in 8 years.  I want something easy to fix but snazzy.  We will see.

So that is all for now.  I have droned on long enough.  So anyway, you guys have a Happy New Year in what ever way suits you!

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