Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Nifty Little Gizmo

So this past weekend I ordered a few things from Amazon.  Included among the items purchased was an item I have  had in reserve in my "cart" for months, but never bought.  It's a microfiber duster.  You know for dusting furniture.  More specifically a OXO microfiber Duster.  It took me a while to finally decide to try it, even though it only cost me $7.  Well, it came, and like any person getting a new "toy" in the mail, I had to try it out.  Well I have one thing to say....

THIS THING IS COOL!  I opened the package last night and so there I am scurrying through the house in my Pj's dusting furniture.  "well lets try over here, or, no, there!"  Finally I had to make myself stop cause its crazy to be dusting furniture in your pajamas right?  I do intend to make full use of it in the near future.   This thing picks up dust great and the wonderful thing is you can pop the head of it off and throw it in the washing machine to be ready for next time.  I would say this will save me in future dusting expenditures.  $7 well spent.

I know this isn't a barn burner of a post, but time is short this week.  Saturday I will put up something better.  Stay tuned.

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