Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The garden at sunset and in full swing

So it has been hot as all get out in my neck of the woods.  More hotter days than in the past few years and more hot days to come.  As a result I have been taking time after 7:30 to work in the garden til dark.  Much, much cooler that way.  So anyway, I have been dying to get a pic of this years garden to share and I can finally do it.  It's in two shots cause the garden wouldn't fit on my camera pic in one.  Oh well.

This first pic is the top half of the garden which includes the chicken coops and run.  That little round bed to the top right of the pic is another bed of tomatoes and a couple of watermelon volunteers,

This is the bottom half of the garden.  That huge bushy area in the bottom of the pic is Mint.  And that is after its been cut some.  The rest of the beds have tomatoes, beans, cilantro, onions, asparagus, Parsley, Sage, Oregano, Lemon Balm, Thyme, and Lemon thyme.  Oh and another watermelon volunteer.  Its growing up the white ladder like trellis.  Next to that if you look carefully is a tomato volunteer growing in a concrete Block!  The far right of the pic are sweet potatoes but they haven't been planted very long.

So there you have it!  The garden 2015.  Oh and, the cross apparent in my garden is an accident on my part,  but it is nice having the reminder of who provides it all; not the least of which is salvation for all. Have a great day!

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