Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov 1st the Olympic grocery shopping time begins

At least for me that is.  Since baking is a good portion of my daily life, this time of year offers the best deals on what I need.  Everyone is on the baking band wagon during the holidays so the stores are competing for everyone's attention.  Butter, sugar, flour, corn syrup, nuts, chocolate chips, other forms of chocolate, are available at the best price you may see all year.  Not just on those items, but any type of baking need could see a reduction in price this time of year.  Now is when you stock up.  I am looking for butter to be about $2 lb and if I get that price I am planning on buying and storing in my freezer enough for a year,   With the best price now at $2.89 lb and that is at Sams, my chances of getting $2 lb any other time of the year are slim.  No sign of the reduced price on butter yet, but I still look.   I noticed Sams also has the 2 lb bag of Walnuts for $12 which is $6 lb.  If no better price presents itself I will stock up on those for the year too.  Turkeys usually go on sale this time of year, but with the Bird flu that messed with a lot of flocks across america, the price is due to go up.  Not sure what I will do about that.

I'm also looking for eggs.  Our egg production is falling off.  Somehow we have ended up with 2 adult hens, 1 pullet hen, and 4 roosters.  We also have 3 older hens who are laying sparingly.  So we are looking to put the extra roosters and non- laying hens in the freezer.  That would mean 3  hens to lay eggs; 2 of which are now 18 mths old.  This could pose a problem.  We will need to collect many eggs in the spring and hope we can get some hatched that become hens.  In the mean time I need to supplement our eggs produced here with ones bought at the store.  Right now Sams has the x large eggs 3 dz for $6 which I am sad to say is a good price.  (sigh) I long for the days of .99 eggs.

In anticipation if the Grocery Olympics, I'm taking the things out of my freezer that need canning or jamming (jamming the art of making jam) to make room.  This also includes defrosting my freezer, cleaning/ organizing the fridge, and making a list of what I have on hand.

Fast forward a few days and....


Kroger has a buy 10 save $5 deal starting Wednesday.

Land O Lakes Butter for $1.99
Kroger Sour Cream for $.79
Green Giant Vegetables $.49-  Sweet peas are something my oldest son will eat but I can't seem to grow here so this will come in handy.
Campbells cream soup $.49-  This is a may or may not purchase, because I have a cream soup mix recipe.  But it is a good price for those who are interested.
Delmonte Tomatoes $.49- I have to say the Basil flavored ones are awesome and I have a recipe that uses them.  In addition my tomato harvest this season was ho hum so this will help.
Delmonte Fruit- $.89
Ronzoni Pasta- $.49

Aldi has lowered their prices on Chocolate chips, Brown Sugar, cream cheese,and Powdered sugar.


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